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Mechanical Engineering Department operates at the limits, of knowledge of science and engineering, exploring various applications of science from energy conversion, design, manufacturing, and metallurgy. This program studies the principles of physics which are then implemented in the analysis, design, manufacturing, and maintenance of machinery. Therefore, students of mechanical engineering should deepen the ability of several focuses, such as mechanics, kinematics, material engineering, and thermodynamics.Mechanical Engineering Department’s curriculum is structured to provide a fundamental of science and engineering and its implementation and based on international standards. This department launched a program of educational development, research and community service by prioritizing the role of the laboratory with the concept of lab-based education (LBE). The academic atmosphere and self-confidence created after reliably managing the World Bank Project for the Development of the Study Program (QUE Project) have motivated to grow sustainably. The academic atmosphere and self-confidence created after reliably managing the World Bank Project for the Development of the Study Program (QUE Project) have motivated this Study Program to continue to grow sustainably. With previous and current achievements, this department has received accreditation from BAN-PT with the highest accreditation, ie A.Mechanical Engineering is committed to producing high-quality graduates through intensive academic activities and industry experience engagement. With “UBER ALLES” slogan, Students are always encouraged to be the best in all fields. Pioneer of the first electric scooter in Indonesia, Dr. Nur Yuniarto ST is one of the pioneers and innovators who was born from Mechanical Engineering Department Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS).Being one of the oldest departments in ITS, no wonder that mechanical engineering alumni network has been very strong, with alumni spread across various sectors of industry, mining, automotive to the government. For example, Arif Wibowo who served as President Director and CEO of Citilink, one of the leading airlines in Indonesia. Also Siswanto Prawiroatmojo, President Director and CEO of PT Astra Otoparts, or Ibnu Susilo, the CEO of PT Fin Komodo who designed and produced Komodo, an off-road car one hundred percent made in Indonesia.

Undergraduate Program The undergraduate degree program in Mechanical Engineering is one of the best engineering machinery programs in the country. With the international standard system of education, this department develops graduates who are competent in science, technology and have good morals and ethics. Students are also trained to have quality research results that are able to help real problems in industry and society and penetrate various scientific publications. International Undergraduate ProgramThe International Undergraduate Program (also known as IUP) is a bachelor program which implements English as the language of instruction. The program offers regular undergraduate curriculum and provides opportunities for students to take part in international activities in the form of Study excursion, Internship in an international or multinational company, Student exchange, Summer/short course, and Joint degree. Master ProgramThis program held since 1993, and aims to produce lectures and professionals with a strong science, technology background, and sharp analytical skills. Graduates of this program are expected to have the more scientific capability in their expertise, in carrying out their profession, for research and development, and for further education.Graduates of this program are guided by 34 teaching staff with 4 Professors qualifications, 19 Doctorates, and 11 Masters. Research activities for master students are supported by 9 laboratories and workshops, reading rooms with more than 5000 books, 10 international scientific journals, 10 national scientific journals, including Internet connection and other facilities. Doctoral ProgramDuring 53 years, Mechanical Engineering Department has focused on energy conversion, design, manufacturing and metallurgy engineering, and has grown to be trusted to managing world-class projects. With these achievements, this department participates in the progress of science and technology, by implementing the Doctoral Program. The doctoral program consists of basic capability education, special competence, and research education. The program is designed to produce quality, original scientific publications, through research that makes a significant contribution to engineering problems. Doctoral Program is present as the center of education, research, development, and information science and technology field of mechanical engineering quality and international achievement. Graduates of the Mechanical Engineering doctoral program are also trained to have a sharp analytical ability, capable of producing quality scientific products and internationally.

Research in Mechanical Engineering Department has been recognized for its quality both domestically and abroad. Lecturers and students of Mechanical Engineering are encouraged to always make research applicable and useful in human life. From the Department of Mechanical Engineering, was born two Innovation Center (PUI), PUI Work System Automation and PUI Mechatronics and Industrial Automation which became the flagship Kemenristekdikti Indonesia.

During the period 2015 – 2016 Mechanical Engineering Department has established 22 collaboration with industry to produces research in Mechanical Engineering into industrial products. Through advanced Mechanical Engineering research, Mechanical Engineering has established cooperation with various educational institutions and companies such as PT Garasindo, WIKA, NTUST and various other institutions. For more information, see here.

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