Community Service

Vocational Faculty Community Service

Activities at the Vocational Faculty that can help apply their knowledge and abilities are community service. One of them is the Real Work Lecture which can be done by all students.

The Real Work Lecture Program (KKN) has become part of educational activities as well as community service, but its implementation has been stopped since 1989. Given the importance of this activity to become a life learning laboratory in the midst of society as well as one of ITS hands in helping solve problems that arise faced by the community, then the implementation of KKN at ITS was revived. As an initial stage, KKN started from the villages in the city of Surabaya which focused on 4 themes:

  1. IT Utilization.
  2. Community Problem Solving (Garbage, Waste etc)
  3. Formal Education (teaching students outside of school)
  4. Online Marketing Training for SMEs