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There’s Always Something Amazing Happen in ITS

There's always something interesting in ITS! Starting from the learning atmosphere to social life. ITS is more than just a place to learn. There are various exciting lives waiting for you outside the classroom ranging from organizations, clubs, and communities, also spiritual activities. So, what kind of campus life do you want to have? Check out a video about campus life at ITS and join us in the exciting university life in ITS.

Find Your Second Family in ITS

Find your second family in ITS through various activities inside communities and organizations on our campus. ITS provides numerous platforms to accommodate and develop students' interests and talents in diverse fields from social politics, sports, arts, and culture. With this activity, not only do the students gain academic knowledge in their departments but also a place to express themselves, build friendship, and develop their talents. So, what's your plan for your campus life?


Campus Life in ITS


There are so many fun things you can experience in ITS. Find your interest and prepare for your college journey! Let’s explore more about ITS and also what kind of atmosphere of living here in Surabaya City.



Find the organization's choice to develop your soft skills and contribute to the campus.


Clubs and Communities

There are many places to channel your interests and hobbies! Find the community that works best for you.



Develop your spirituality within the heart of ITS


Explore every corner of our campus and find interesting stuffs inside. Starting from the place of study, transportation to perfect places to relax and getting away from busy life.


Starting your campus life as an ITS student means you are going to spend your time living in Surabaya. Here are the things you need to know about Surabaya. Surabaya is a port city since the time of the Kingdom of Majapahit. The high commercial activities with Mainland China, India, and the Middle East make Surabaya a home for many cultures. Harmony in pluralism continues to grow along with the growth of the city of Surabaya until now. Discover the burst of colors and harmony in diversity in Surabaya.



Explore The City of Heroes and the possibility to found a new home in Surabaya



Explore the various options for residence and transportation available in Surabaya



Find out about the local culture of Surabaya society from custom to traditions


Campus Locations

In Surabaya, you can freely choose transportation mode. Public transportation in Surabaya is very easy to access. The journey from Juanda Airport to ITS only takes about 30 minutes by car or taxi. The nearest station to ITS, Gubeng Railway Station is less than 20 minutes drive from the campus. Also find public transportation modes and alternatives ranging from city buses, motorcycles, motorbike rental around Surabaya.

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