Clubs and Activities

In addition to having organizations such as BEM, ITS also has a Talent Development Institution that houses Student Activity Unit or Unit Kegiatan Mahasiswa (UKM). UKM is an extracurricular club that serves as a forum for students to learn and explore many new things as well as improve their talents in the desired field. UKM is almost the same as the extracurricular that existed during high school. Sometimes within the department or institution, there is also a club where students can explore their interests and hobbies, for example in the Department of Industrial Product Designs which have different communities concerning in art and design, or Department of Biology that has a birdwatching club.

In the beginning of academic year, there will be UKM Expo. In this event, all UKM and communities in ITS will conduct exhibition and introduction ITS students, mostly for freshman year students. In this moment there is also a recruitment of new members so that this moment can be a perfect time to join UKM and the desired communities. There are 38 UKM in ITS today. Of all UKM in ITS, there are some that require auditions to become members. Sometimes the test is quite strict, so students are advised to find as much information about the UKM and joining UKM Expo to ask questions regarding how to join the UKM.

Here are the UKM and communities in ITS based on their fields: