Welcome to City of Heroes

Welcome to City of Heroes

Surabaya is a lively city born from the heroic value of its founder since the time of kings and queens of Majapahit. Surabaya name is a combination of the word sura (brave) and baya (danger) which means Surabaya people always dare to face the danger that will come. The value of heroism was taken in the event of a battle with the Mongol forces under the leadership of the legendary 1293 Kublai Khan in Surabaya.Today, Surabaya is growing as the second largest city in Indonesia which is a combination of metropolitan city and traditional life that runs harmoniously. The coolness of social life in Surabaya to replace the heat of the city located on the east coast of Java Island. Surabaya is now also continuing to undertake the development of city parks and afforestation that deliver Surabaya in various city development awards at world level. In addition, Surabaya is also the right choice for you who want to study. Here’s why:

Growing as a port city since the time of Majapahit Kingdom also made Surabaya has embraced pluralism. The high commercial activities with merchants from Mainland China, India, and the Middle East make Surabaya a home for many cultures. Today, Surabaya is also home to Indonesians and global citizen who live to continue their education, work, and business.Surabaya is a combination of a modern city with a quieter life from Jakarta. The people of Surabaya are dominated by coastal Javanese who is more expressive than Javanese people in other areas. Nevertheless, the people of Surabaya are also open to migrants from within and abroad.Like other Javanese communities, the people of Surabaya are known as friendly and kind-hearted people though they tend to speak bluntly. Nevertheless, the courtesy is still very guarded in the life of the people of Surabaya, especially to those who are older.

Surabaya is a gate or lay-off for tourist stops in various parts of Indonesia. Surabaya location in the middle of Indonesia makes access to travel to various parts of Indonesia easier and cheaper. Surabaya is the right city for travelers considering Surabaya has International Airport, seaport for sea transportation and various alternative land transportation which is easy to access.In air transportation, Juanda Airport serves flights to western and eastern Indonesia at relatively the same price. Currently, Juanda also serves departure abroad such as Malaysia, Singapore, China, Japan, and Korea. Qatar Airways is now also flying in Juanda.In the sea lane, Surabaya also has an international port, Tanjung Priok Port which opens access to travel to the eastern part of Indonesia where the more exotic and unique tourist destinations. On land routes, there are various transportation alternatives to all corners of Java ranging from trains, buses to private vehicles.Currently, the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia include Bali, Yogyakarta, Komodo Island, Raja Ampat, Kalimantan, to Tana Toraja in Sulawesi. All these popular tourist destinations can be accessed through the three transportation routes in Surabaya. Thus, many overseas travelers choose to stay or continue their studies in Surabaya.

You will have more room to breathe and move in Surabaya. You can also join various spiritual, professional, sports and other community communities in Surabaya. Surabaya City Government has now utilized open space in the city for community gathering place with its community. Communities usually gather in Taman Bungkul or Bungkul Park in Surabaya or other various parks nearby.

In contrast to Jakarta, the streets in Surabaya are wider and the traffic is not as dense as in other big cities in Indonesia. You can depart from one part of the city to another within half an hour using private transportation.