Our campus has its own dormitories for students with supporting facilities such as hotspot/wifi areas, televisions in each building’s lobby (it’s okay to bring one for your room), canteen with water gallons service, mini-market for snacks and other necessities, and laundry service.

ITS Student Dormitory

Our campus has its own dormitory for students with various facilities, such as rooms with different types, free hotspots/wifi, television in every building (you can also bring a television in the room), canteen with water service, a mini market for shopping and laundry services.International students also have their own dormitory building near the student’s main dormitory. This international student dormitory is located in J-block in the statistics department with additional facilities such as a kitchen for cooking and ease of washing clothes.For more details, visit

In Indonesia, flats mostly are rented rooms in a house. Flats around ITS spread around campus triangle, namely Mulyosari area, Gebang, and Keputih. Flat prices vary by type. Starting from Rp 300.000,00 to above one also depends on the facilities and location. In addition to ITS triangle area, ITS students can also rent a boarding room in ITS lecturer’s housing with more secure security because it is located inside the campus. Although the price in housing lecturers ITS usually relatively higher price, the proximity to the campus and security guarantees to make room cost inside ITS campus much in demand.

A wide selection of apartments also began popping up around the campus of ITS. For more comfortable life, apartments offer security and privacy. Around the ITS there are several apartment options, including East Coast Apartment, Puncak Kertajaya, Grand Dharmahusada Lagoon, Dian Regency Apartments, Manyar Apartment Gunawangsa, Bale Hinggil, Taman Melati Surabaya Apartment and other apartment options.

For the purpose of accommodation in a short time especially for parents or relatives, guest house on campus ITS is a good option. Hotel in ITS features guest house concept and is available in two types, namely Guest House Bougenville and Guest House Jasmine. Guest House Bougenville is located at Jalan Teknik Arsitektur Blok H-8, 10, 12 (ITS Lecturer Complex), while Guest House Jasmine is located at Jalan Teknik Sipil Block I No. 19 (also at ITS Lecturer Housing Complex).Each of these guest houses is well supported with adequate facilities for the comfort of guests. Some of the existing facilities, both in Guest House Bougenville and Guest House Jasmine, including air conditioning, 21 inch TV, shared a refrigerator, with coffee or tea. In addition, the guest house-guest house is also away from the crowds and noise thus creating a quiet and comfortable atmosphere.

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See the locations and the accommodation choices around  ITS through maps below. Find your second home in ITS!