Catholic Student Community St. Ignatius Loyola

Catholic Student Community St. Ignatius Loyola

The Catholic Student Community (KMK) St. Ignatius Loyola is the spiritual organization for Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember students of the Catholic faith. KMK ITS St. Ignatius Loyola bears the name of a venerated catholic saint, St. Ignatius Loyola, who is known for his quotes, “Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam,” meaning for the greater glory of God. The Catholic Student Community ITS St. Ignatius Loyola is the spiritual organizational form of Tim Pembina Kerohanian Katolik (TPK) Katolik ITS or ITS Catholic Spiritual Development Team. The Catholic Student Community (KMK) St. Ignatius Loyola was founded by a group of ITS students of the Catholic faith who need a place to continue to explore and deepen their spiritual side and channel their spiritual side into the form of service in KMK. For more than 20 years since 1995, the year KMK ITS was founded, KMK ITS has served as the second home for students of the catholic faith in Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, thus why KMK ITS is known as the spiritual organization that is based on kinship.

Activities in KMK ITS 

The Catholic Student Family (KMK) facilitates ITS Students of Catholic Faith with programs that can be followed, including Welcome party for new students, New Student Mentoring which is held every odd semester, Routine Service, First Friday Mass, Easter KMK ITS which is held every April, Alumni Gathering, KMK Gathering, Catholic Community Cup KMK ITS, and Spiritual Camp which was held in the first semester. Some of the activities you can’t miss are the group mentoring with many new friends from other ITS Departments, the activities were about sharing stories on life on campus or personal experiences so you can have a lot of new friends and hear their stories and experiences. Then on Friday, there will be so many fun activities such as playing games or eating lots of food, except for the first Friday of the month, KMK ITS will have a mass together. KMK ITS also hold prayer of the Rosary together, usually in May and October. And the most fun activity, of course, is The spiritual camp, where you will be made to know every family member in KMK and not only you can refresh your mind you will be also taught a lot. After attending spiritual camp you can officially be a member of the KMK ITS family.

Although, some activities were delayed in the early time of PSBB like the easter activities. But now, some are still running, like praying the Rosary together last May and last October and the welcome party for new students of 2020, also not to worry, in this 2020 pandemic, KMK ITS also hold many fun and beneficial activities online. Their online activities are online webinars, online prayers, and a lot more that can be followed. Further information is on their Instagram, @kmk.its, and youtube channel, KMK ITS.

Inside KMK St. Ignatius Loyola ITS Organization

The organizational structure of KMK ITS consists of the chairman, vice-chairman I and the vice chairman II, general treasurer, and secretary I and II. The departments of the KMK St. Ignatius Loyola ITS organization consist of PSDM, Internal and external department, communication and information, big event, and entrepreneurship. Further information about the organization of KMK St. Ignatius Loyola ITS can be followed on Instagram, @kmk.its.

Organization Vision

Visi organisasi KMK St. Ignatius Loyola ITS adalah menjadikan wadah organisasi spiritual katolik di ITS yang harmonis serta menjunjung tinggi nilai-nilai kerohanian.

Organization Missions

The missions of KMK ITS organization are:
1. To create a comfortable environment for each member of KMK St. Ignatius Loyola ITS
2. To build a good relationship with KMK St. Ignatius Loyola ITS external stakeholder
3. To provide a place to develop spiritual soul for members of KMK St. Ignatius Loyola
4. To spread benefits and usefulness for KMK St. Ignatius Loyola ITS external stakeholder