Campus Facilities

Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) provides various campus facilities to support and support activities in the campus environment. ITS campus facilities are very diverse ranging from ITS Training Center, career development and Entrepreneurship Center, UPT language and culture, ITS Library, sports facilities (Fasor), Graha Sepuluh Nopember, dormitory students, Manarul Ilmi Mosque, Medical Center, and ITS Press. ITS will always strive to develop and improve the quality of ITS campus facilities so that it can always provide a prime service.


ITS Training Center

ITS Training Center is one of the service units under the UPT Professional Certification and Training Center, BPPU ITS. It aims to provide professional training and certification services for students and professionals in order to improve competence in certain professional fields. Taught by competent ITS academicians and practitioners and supported by complete training facilities, resulting ITS Training Center as the right choice to improve competence.

Business and Career Develompent Center

Sharing work information corresponding with the study competences is very helpful in bridging students to have a career with full planning from the start. ITS PPK-SAC also mapped the number of ITS students who were helped by the existence of PPK-SAC from the aspect of having the opportunity to conduct psychological consultations and career guidance, obtain information on career opportunities both online and offline through ITS career exchanges.

Center for Languages and Cultures

Center for Languages and Cultures of Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) serves to support the main objective of the Institute in extra-curricular studies context. It is expected to meet the gap in the lack of English competence in the curricular path. CLC of ITS is assigned to develop the most efficient and effective language teaching program corresponding with the needs and abilities of participants, to conduct second language research in pure and applied fields of linguistics, and to establish a communication networking and collaboration of language teaching with other universities, both domestic and abroad.



Learning Resource Center with information technology-based facilities and services. Aims to support the curriculum by providing adequate information and library materials for students and lecturers so that academic programs can be implemented effectively and help preserve academic scientific work (such as final assignments, theses, dissertations, proceedings, and others).


Sport Facility

Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) manages a number of sports facilities that meant to foster students in addition to the academic field. Students, lecturers, and employees can use all sports facility. Those facilities also can be used by outside parties. Sports Facility (Fasor) ITS strives to provide tangible contributions in sports facility services, to improve sports achievements of ITS students and to improve the maintenance of sustainable sports facilities and infrastructure.


Graha Sepuluh Nopember

Graha Sepuluh Nopember is a building located in a fairly representative location of the campus. It is accessible from various parts of Surabaya, close to the city center and has adequate facilities, such as the availability of electricity, room cooler and spacious parking lot. Graha Sepuluh Nopember used for various purposes, such as Graduation of ITS students, seminars, music performances, alumni gatherings, Dharma Wanita meetings, the inauguration of professors, registration of new students, wedding party, employment tests, and many more.


Students Dormitory

ITS Student Dormitory meant to be a personality development facility, to increase discipline and student social care. To that end, ITS Student Dormitory provides decent and conducive housing, organizes activities for personality development, increases student discipline, and increases social awareness, values of morality and spirituality, and student communication skills in international languages.

Manarul Ilmi Mosque

Manarul Ilmi Mosque is located right in front of the ITS Rectorate Building. The area of Manarul Ilmi Mosque building is 2,458 m2. When entering the mosque area, we will be presented with a wide view of the foyer that is supported by pillars that stand firm. Glancing at the main hall of the mosque, we will see walls made of carved wood. It aims to keep air circulation. In the inner part of the building, our eyes will be amazed by the broad rectangular pyramid-shaped roof.

Medical Center

A health care facility for ITS academic community that is also open for public. In the form of out-patient care units that carry out examination services, medical actions, medical support, and referrals.

ITS Press

Management facilities that provide printing and publishing services in the ITS academic community. ITS Press serves the creation and publication of scientific journals, ITS news, textbooks, general printing, academic reports, the provision of printed media for education and research.