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ITS Research to Benefit the Nation, Scientific Development, and Humanity

Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS), aiming towards a world-class university, has the vision to become a strong pillar in the nation’s economy through education, research, community service, innovative development, and creation of innovative products in the fields of science and technology.  The five aspects serve as the research focus of ITS as a leading institute with a mission to contribute to knowledge and technology for the wellbeing of the community. Research Center ITS is hoped to have an active role in the advancement of knowledge and communication through international research activity.

The research done by civitas academica ITS continues to excel and produces many discoveries in various fields of science that lead to the development of advanced technology, to fulfill human needs. The results of research conducted by the civitas academica ITS are always communicated to the public through scientific publications in a database of accredited international journals. In 2020, ITS showed its excellence again in research through ITS lecturers’ achievement of Rank 1 in Scopus and Rank 4 and 6 in the list of Indonesian Scientists’ Performance 2020 based on the Science and Technology Index (SINTA).

There are three central areas that encompass the focuses of the research conducted by ITS. These research focuses are managed and cultivated under the following center areas: Research Center, Center of Science and Technology Excellence, and Center of Scientific Publications, of ITS Directorate of Research and Community Service (DRPM). These centers serve as a means for all inter, trans, and multidisciplinary research by various departments of ITS. ITS researchers also collaborate with each other to eliminate barriers between fields of science. Know more about the three center areas prioritized by ITS below.

Research Outputs Based on SDGs


Explore more about research and innovation at ITS, through central areas of research, science and technology excellence, and scientific publications.

ITS Directorate of Research and Community Service (DRPM)

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