Collaborative Works

Collaborative Works

Collaboration is a way for Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) to improve productivity, innovation and its effectiveness. ITS opens wide opportunities to collaborate with anyone to create greater things. Currently ITS partners have spread across various parts of the globes both from government, industry to universities and research institutions.The results of this cooperation in the form of learning development, research development, innovation until ready to mass produced products.

ITS believes that collaboration is a better thing rather than do it all alone. With the touch of different field of studies and diverse persepective, technology developement will not only easier, but also easier to bring real impact on society and environment. Here are a few example of ITS’ collaborative work which has given various impacts to society and science:

Garasindo Collaboration with ITS Creating GESITS

The presence of GESITS as the first electric motor made in Indonesia  is breaking point of Indonesia’s automatives field. Gesits has inspired the country that they are also able to make their own bikes after so long rely on foreign imports. Learn more about GESITS here.

Sustainable Island Developement Initiatives

As a tangible form of development and concrete form of university cooperation with various parties , the Faculty of Marine Technology (FTK) of ITS established the Sustainable Island Development Initiatives Program (SIDI). SIDI was established on November 10, 2012 , marked by Memorandum of Aagreement between ITS , Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries , Bauer of Berau (East Kalimantan) and Wismar University of Applied Sciences (Germany). Through SIDI , ITS has been appointed by ministries to “adopt” two islands, which are Poteran Island (Sumenep Regency) and Maratua Island ( Berau District). Find more information about SIDI here.