Business in ITS

Business in ITS is developed by an institution called ITS Tekno Sains. ITS Tekno Sains is a consulting and engineering company which has experiences in providing total innovative solutions and services in Technology and Management. Our company provides consultancy from various areas of expertise. With regards to the development of ITS’ tangible and intangible assets, and customer’s needs, currently PT. ITS is expanding its business scopes to IT infrastructure, training & certification, and publisher.

What we could provide for you

ITS Tekno Sains was founded with four core values ​​which are:

  • Innovation

We’re committed to the principle of innovation in all of our business aspects.

  • Respect

We believe a business which is built on a foundation of respect.

  • Collaboration

Collaboration provides an equal opportunity for all team members to participate and contribute.

  • Integrity

Integrity is an essential value to our organization.

 We are committed to continuously do innovation in our products and partnerships, building a network based on respectful foundation, using collaboration as the key to success and engaging all parties to participate and contribute to equality, and build with integrity values. Here are the services we provide to you:

  • Consultation
  • Training and Certification
  • Publishing
  • Infrastructure in infrastructure and technology
  • Engineering in the field of design and construction