Training and Program

Training and Program

Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) realizes that if the international reputation starts from the internal part of the campus, for that, ITS continues to make various innovations and promote programs to improve our competence and capability in the global world. Not only in the academic field, ITS also continuously guide and encourage students, staff, and lecturers about the development of global perspective, the importance of knowing how to become a world community and continue to contribute to improve diversity in the campus of ITS. We had develop programs to enhance our diversity and internationalization. These are program and training ITS had developed so far:

Staff Mobility Program

Staff Mobility Program is an ITS International Office initiative program that provides internships for ITS education personnel at several overseas universities. This program starts in 2013 and continues to be developed until this day. In this program, the staffs will get training learn about his field specifically for 4-5 days.

This program is ITS’s initiatives to broaden the knowledge and experience in work field in international level.  Staff mobility also created to encourage staffs to explore innovative things to be applied in ITS. Currently, the program has attracted several university partners in Thailand such as Chulalongkorn University and King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT). In 2017, ITS also received staff from both universities who also exchange staff at ITS for one week.

The program is open to education personnel with two channels, namely structural and regular. The structural path is open to bureau chiefs, section chiefs and sub heads as an effort to improve leadership capabilities and global perspectives. While the regular path is open for of either civil servant, prospective civil servant and freelance worker dedicated at ITS to improve their global competence.To prepare the candidates for the program, International Office ITS also organizes Staff Upgrading program in the form of English language training delivered by professional teaching volunteers. Staff Upgrading will be held for 5 weeks and become one of the stages of selection and prerequisites to follow the Staff   Mobility Program 2017 . It is also a way for ITS to improve its staff competence in the global world, build network with overseas university partners and provide opportunities to explore innovation and creativity of ITS staff.

you can also keep abreast of this program on the page of Directorate of International Relations of ITS

Global Competence Workshop

To prepare students to become a global community and help to prepare for advanced study plans, the Global Competence Workshop (GCW) comes with new concepts and updates. This workshop will be divided into three courses. There is basic GCW, exploring non-degree programs, and pursuing degree programs.

Basic GCW

The first step for students to improve their skills and knowledge to realize their dreams to achieve global opportunity. The GCW basic curriculum is formulated based on the basic knowledge and materials needed to address global opportunities and challenges. This workshop will provide information on the importance of stepping into the global world, reaching global opportunities, and many other things.

GCW: Exploring Non-Degree Program

The further courses are formulated to prepare students who wish to enroll in non-degree programs such as short courses, summer / winter programs and some other programs. This workshop will give you detailed information on what to prepare to improve the joy of joining non-degree programs. Students will gain more knowledge about how to create motivation letter, how to lobby and negotiate and how to build confidence during the interview process.

GCW: Pursuing Degree Program

This last course is an advanced preparation for students who wish to continue their studies at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. This workshop will give you clear and detailed information and explanations on how to write scientific articles, how to get connections to supervisors and how to build professionalism in the workplace and many other opportunities.