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After a few years of the pandemic, we are back with several on-site programs. We welcome you to have engaging international exposure through guest lectures and short programs, led by experts and academics from all around the world in various fields of interest. What are you waiting for? Discover our flagship programs and be ready to experience ITS!

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Welcoming you to a curated 2-3 weeks visit to the Green City of Surabaya! Come and discover yourself the famous beauty of East Java, Indonesia, through our arts, culture, and languages. We offer curated courses by ITS Surabaya’s very own to take you on an exploration journey to creating an impactful collaboration between engineering and community engagement.

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Jia Yang
Dankook University, South Korea
Bachelor of Business Management Department – Student Exchange Program

My Experience in ITS was meaningful moments for me. The students are energitic and enthusiastic about their major. The classes are made up of presentations and debates of students and the students participation was high. That was very impressive for me. And then international office provided a lot of programs to get used to Indonesian culture. So if you are interested in studying as an international student at ITS, you will find the charms of ITS through the programs.

Luc Johan Geradus Kauhl
HZ University of Applied Sciences, Netherland
Ocean Engineering Department – Lab-Based Internship Program

The research internship I have done at ITS is one of the best things life. There are many opportunities to explore and improve yourself. With every step on the way, there was the great support of the international office whom helped with visa extensions and have a great buddy system with awesome people to help with anything else. If I had the chance I would definitaly go again and I would advice anyone with the opportunity to go here as well.

Mohammed Hatem Ali Al-Hooti
Informatics Departement – KNB Scholarship Grantee

Being admitted by ITS is like paying for exclusive world tour. This campus is comprised of different people from different nationalities which makes it a global community for varied learning. I have got a wonderful experience. My skills are developed, I have built my confidence. I am not able to express all of my appreciations which I have for the generosity. KNB scholarship that I have been awarded brought me a step closer to living out my dreams. I grew up in an environment where every minute is to be appreciated and valued. I considered myself blessed to be exposed to many experiences that have helped to shape me as a person.

I Wayan Wirasa
Electrical Engineering Departmeny Lab Internship – Student Research Exchange Program
Shibaura Institute of Technology (SIT), Japan

Going abroad is not only about flying out of our country. For me, it is a process to develop more skills that may be important at some point. I struggled a lot to get myself to abroad programs-lack of writing skills, have no confidence to speak in discussions, and so on. But my strong determination to be better took me there; tried the essay tutorial, watched how LGDs run, learned how to write a more appropriate email to professors and so forth-things I never thought I would learn if it wasn’t for this. I did fail many times. Then finally, I found my new self with more liberty to express myself. To be more honest to my own self.

Mochammad Soleh
Marine Engineering Department Erasmus+ Student Mobility
Warsaw University of Technology, Poland

Got a chance to become one of several students who was chosen to participate in Erasmus+ Student Mobility in Poland for one semester was such an unforgettable experience for me. I’ve never imagined that I could go to Europe before graduating from bachelor’s degree. Living in Europe for a semester definitely was enough to collect exceptional experiences such as meeting with new people, facing new weather, new culture, new technology, new food and also new knowledge.You will never regret your decision to take part in such programs, because it will change you to a new you. And one thing, you will always be an Indonesian wherever you go, don’t forget who you really are.

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