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Andres Javier Duarte Ariza (Colombia)

Master Student at Department of Electrical Engineering

Graduated with Cum Laude

“As a Kemitraan Negara Berkembang (KNB) scholarship awardee, I was able to experience Indonesian culture and learn the language. Learning Indonesian was an amazing experience that lasted one whole year, after which I started my master’s degree. I was able to feel the warmth of ITS students, join multiple activities, such as being part of my faculty’s volleyball team, get to know people, both from Indonesia and overseas, get a taste of their culture, get to know new flavors and different approaches to practical problems. As a master’s degree student, I lived a different teaching method, closer to the research made by my teachers, looking up closely what was being researched and developed at the university. Also, I was able to visit other faculty’s laboratories and work together with them, enriching my learning experience. I made great friends during my stay at ITS, and was able to feel the spirit of unity that characterizes Indonesians and ITS students. I thank all the people that accompanied and guided me throughout this amazing experience!

Samrith Khem (Cambodia)

Master Student at Department of Mechanical Engineering

Graduated with Cum Laude

“The learning atmosphere at Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) is excellent. I had strong support from supervisors, lecturers, friendly colleagues, classmates, staff members, and international offices towards completing my master’s degree. Being taken care of by all of them makes me feel relax and motivated to attend the class, participating in the class activities. This university time has enabled me to immerse myself in international experience and meet a wide range of friends from different cultures. There, I am encouraged to explore my potential fully. The most enjoyable time during my university life at ITS is having a snack together and experimental study. My message for the next generation of students is always to prepare and not be afraid to try. Preparation is essential. When we are ready, the results achieved are maximized. If you encounter difficulties, be brave to face them. There is a lot of hidden potential in yourself.”

Abu Bakarr Momodu Bangura (Sierra Leone)

Master of Engineering in Renewable Energy Engineering

Graduated with Cum Laude

“The ITS learning environment was really conducive and I was able to interacts with colleagues of the same concentration (Renewable Energy) and colleagues of the other concentration (Instrumentation) as well. The courses which I studied during my 2 years at the department were solid and the concept was grasped accordingly which has adequately equipped me to undertake a any PhD program in the future. During the duration of my study by the grace of the Almighty Allah, I was able to published 3 publications and the 4th one is under review by the Journal of Applied Engineering Science ( JAES). Most importantly, the entire International Office ( IO) staff were so passionate about the welfare of international students during my tenure of studying at ITS. The other staff at IO and the volunteers as a whole were very kind, amicable, and supportive. I say a very big thank to you all. I pray that may the ITS continue to excell internationally.”