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Today, people expect that a university not only does research and disseminates knowledge and technology, but also contributes directly to local or national economic development. As a center of academic works and research, ITS has strong links with industries, governmental institutions, NGOs, home and over­seas universities and organizations. Cooperation of ITS and industrial world is an important tool for transferring knowledge and skills from academic institutions to industries or vice versa. Other main objectives is to strengthen the teaching, research, and extension capabilities, of the institutions involved thereby broadening the international experience of the participant.

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International Partnership at A Glance

Partner Profile

ITS’ partners span the globe and range from universities, research institutions to industries. We have more than 450 partners from 56 countries. To access detailed information of ITS’ partners by countries, please kindly check here.

Agreement Profile

From 460 total partners, ITS has 333 active agreements, 387 expiring agreements, and 73 non-active agreements. Most of the agreements (443) are covering general fields of collaboration, thus collaboration can bridges to all departments. There are 350 agreements which are covering specific fields of collaboration, such as student exchange, faculty member exchange, joint research, and joint degree.

Partner per Country

Currently, ITS has 460 total partners across the countries. 281 of them has an active agreement with ITS, whereas 179 partners have recorded their past agreement with ITS.

Partner per Faculty

From 793 agreements that have been matched with faculties in ITS, there are potential counterparts for SCIENTICS (217), INDSYS (189), CIVPLAN (204), MARTECH (396), ELECTICS (171), CREABIZ (191), and Vocation (420).

Partner per QS WUR

We believe the importance of building a meaningful collaborations to contribute our impact and community engagement with diverse backgrounds and various interest of international partners.

Partner Per Dept

Summary of potential counterparts for department-level shown above. For detailed information on potential counterparts for department level , please kindly check the Mapping of Department and School below.