As a research-based university with a vision of advancing humanity, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) recognizes the importance of collaboration with various partners in various fields, ranging from education, research, community service, professional, resources or assets, and business.

Supporting the development of research and the production of cutting-edge innovation, as well as to provide opportunities to educate students to be scientific leaders and innovators, we explored the profile of our bilateral partners, mapped the opportunities, and created lists of potential counterparts from our 476 partners across the globe.



Research centers have the most number of countries with potential counterparts especially in Asia and in Europe, followed by Oceania and America. The potential is high for research in the field of infrastructure and sustainable environment, advance materials and nanotechnology, as well as smart healthcare technology, and IoT and defense system technology.

Puslit Potential Partners_Dec 23

Similar to the Research Center, the majority of the potential for cooperation for the Center of Studies is in Asia and Europe. Among the centers, opportunities for the Centers of Regional Development and Community Empowerment, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Studies, and Public Policy in Industry and Business Studies. Applied Technology Studies are high mainly in the Asian countries. Due to its uniqueness, Center of the Halal Studies have a potential to explore within the area of Asia.

Puskaji Potential Partners_Dec 23

The partner’s distribution of ITS Center of Excellences shows that the majority of the potential counterparts are also located in Asia. The second biggest potential is spread in Europe. Though the number of countries in Oceania and America is considerably minimum, there is potential to explore.

PUI Potential Partners_Dec 23