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ITS is an Indonesia-based public university located in Surabaya, the biggest port city in East Java, which has strong emphasize on science, engineering, and art. ITS has long been maintaining its reputation for innovative and proactive relationship with industries and public services. The campus occupies a large area of 180 hectares as its main campus which advantages for both excellence scientific activities and pleasant natural environment.

Recognized as one of the paramount technology universities in Indonesia, ITS offers great and challenging career prospects to its graduates. Various works of scientific and social significance produced by ITS student graduates and faculty members have been dedicated to the community and industrial world to help them gaining the most of economic and social benefits. Many of our graduates are occupying top positions in business and public organizations.

In the spirit of ITS vision which is to be a world class research university, ITS is eager to initiate and maintain cooperation with foreign universities and research institution all over the world. ITS has been cooperating with institutions in European Union and third countries within the Erasmus Projects consortiums and is looking forward to establishing more collaborations.

ITS has been collaborating in several schemes for both student, staff, and teaching mobility through Erasmus Projects started with IMPAKT, Interweave, and also Erasmus+ ICM. Currently our campus is in collaboration with many universities from twelve countries in Europe including Turkey, Greece, UK, Italy, the Netherlands and Poland.

ITS’ Erasmus+ Partnership

  1. Anadolu University, Turkey
  2. Istanbul Aydin University, Turkey
  3. Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greek
  4. University of Szczecin, Poland
  5. Warsaw University of Technology, Poland
  6. Bialystok University of Technology, Poland
  7. University of Applied Sciences in Nysa, Poland
  8. Cardiff University of Metropolitan, UK
  9. Sapienza University of Rome, Italy
  10. Radboud University, The Netherlands
  11. AGH University of Science and Technology, Poland
  12. Stanislaw Staszic State University of Applied Sciences in Pila, Poland
  13. VIVES University of Applied Sciences, Belgium
  14. Dicle University, Turkey
  15. Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iaşi, Romania


Efrilia M Khusna – Erasmus+ Participant 2018 at Anadolu University, Turkey

Erasmus+ in Anadolu University gives me countless opportunities for meeting new exciting people come across of distinct background with various experiences, perspectives and beliefs that completely different than Indonesian stereotype. Erasmus+ grant me with tons of possibility to meet students from around 60 countries around the world. This is the highlight of my journey during my Erasmus period. Meeting with world class professor is another privilege that I got from Erasmus+. It broaden my horizon for sure and might let me see some issues in a completely different light. To all my fellow ITS students I have an advise, do not knuckle under the complicated bureaucracy of scholarship especially Erasmus+, It only hard on the starting point but also it will be you new beginning of your amazing journey.

Hanim Maria Astuti, S.Kom., M.Sc. – Erasmus+ Mobility Lecturer 2020 at Cardiff Meropolitan University, UK  

This is a valuable program that should be maintained by ITS. I thank the International Office of ITS to be given ths opportunity. The program lasted only for seven days, a pretty short program but totally rewarding. Every day, I joined in both the lectures and seminars to comprehend academic life in CardiffMet. I discussed with some students to find out their perceptions about what makes studying enjoyable.

Sabilah Margirizki – Student Exchange Program 2018 at University of Szczecin    

Being an Erasmus exchange student was never been my expectation until I truly made it. I do not deny that Erasmus brings me a new atmosphere, new insight from many directions, new friends from many countries, and new family because all of that are still exist until today, eight months after my return form University of Szczecin. The one that made the most impressive is it gave me more ambition to fight for. Erasmus is the prestigious one, that you will never ever regret to be part of it.

Nur Muhamad Ziko Iskandar – Erasmus+ ICM Study Mobility 2019/2020 at Istanbul Aydın University

During the five months of attending lecture and programs created by Erasmus staff is a valuable experience that I will never forget in my life, because I can meet new friends who are very friendly from various other countries, learn from professors who add to my insight, visiting historical places and tasting a variety of typical foods from Turkey. I hope the Erasmus + student mobility program at Istanbul Aydin University will become a program that will continue to exist in the future because it can help students from developing countries in Asia to add insight not only in terms of lectures but also ideas about culture, history and expanding networks with professors and new friends from other countries.

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