Fun Bahasa Indonesia & Cultural Course

FBICC: Program Overview

As an aspiring word-class university wishing to expand its global network, ITS has launched the Fun Bahasa Indonesia and Cultural Course Program (FBICC) in 2020. This program has become a flagship program of ITS Global Engagement, accommodating global citizens who have interest in learning Indonesian language and culture.

Since its launching in 2020, over 1600 participants from more than 60 countries have joined the FBICC. Following this success, our next batch of FBICC will be conducted in May 2022 and is inviting all global citizens to the program. The purpose of the course is to introduce Indonesian Language and Culture overseas. The materials will cover basic Indonesian Language across a broad array of themes. We offer four themes to serve different kinds of purposes in learning Indonesian language. Applicants may only choose one of the following: general purposes, traveling, business, and university life. 

The program aims to introduce Indonesian and culture overseas. The materials will be about basic Indonesian language based on the theme and cultural exposure such as: virtual Batik making, virtual city tour, Indonesian rich cultural diversities, Indonesian history, and vocabularies related to the theme.


  1. FBICC for General Purposes: Let’s Get to Know Indonesia 
  2. FBICC for Traveling: Exploring the Exotic Indonesia 
  3. FBICC for Business: A Business Trip to A Land of Opportunities
  4. FBICC for University Life: Experiencing Student Life in Indonesia 

Program scheme

  1. The program will be conducted in May-July 2022.
  2. The course consists of 12 meetings including program opening and closing, weekly meetings, cultural exchange, virtual tours, and final test. 
  3. The program will combine practical learning of Indonesian as a Foreign Language and fun activities. 
  4. The capacity for each class is 30 participants.
  5. The course will be conducted virtually using Zoom Application once a week (each session will last for 90 minutes), days and times provided can be seen in the online form. *Please convert to your time zone as the program starts using Surabaya time (GMT+7).
  6. The program instruction is delivered in English.

Registration Procedure

  1. Fill in the form based on your identity.
  2. In the FBICC 2022, the program offers 4 different topics such as, general purposes, traveling, business, and university life. Weekly materials will be adjusted according to the topic.
  3. Applicants may select the theme provided regarding (Day and Time) in the online registration form.
  4. Every participant can only register for 1 (one) theme.
  5. Registration deadline is extended to 10 May 2022. Registration will be closed once the capacity is full.

Registration requirements

  1. Formal photo (color)
  2. Scan of Passport/ Citizen ID/ Student ID (color) *choose one

Regulations, terms, and conditions

  1. The course is for non-Indonesian citizens.
  2. The course is FREE OF CHARGE.
  3. Participants are expected to have a good understanding of English since English will be used as the main language in the classroom.
  4. Have a stable internet connection for every meeting.
  5. To turn on the camera during the class.
  6. Only participants who meet the minimum requirements of attendance (min. 9/12 meetings), follow the class rules, submit the given assignments, and pass the final test, will proceed to receive a certificate of completion.
  7. In the event of absence, participants must inform the tutors before class begins (permission as follows: illness, family matters, duties assigned, etc.).
  8. Each participant can choose the theme and schedule upon registering. Please be informed that the schedule is in Surabaya time (GMT+7) and every participant needs to convert with their own local time. Double check your schedule before submitting the form, participants cannot change the schedule after the class commencement.
  9. Communication is conducted through email and WhatsApp. Every participant needs to own these platforms to ease the communication.

Contact us

Inquiries and further information please contact:​

Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember Global Engagement – Nabila (Ms.)

Tel no: +62-31-59234411

E-mail: – Subject email [FBICC Batch 2]

BATCH 2: Online


BATCH 3: Onsite