Facilities and Services

Facilities and Services

Best Industrial Experience for You

Be an industry partner with ITS and accessing all sorts of facilities and services in many institution. In order to create a bridge between science, government, industry, and community.

Research Facility

ITS has 130 laboratories in every department. In which 92 of them are open for public along with their services and best 3 laboratories at ITS. ITS also has 10 research center as the driving force for researches in ITS. ITS research center accommodate every researches, funding, and cooperate with industry to produce real industrial products also with the community.  

Industry Cooperation with ITS

ITS has Business Development and Management institution known as BPPU ITS. It is managing every business units, including commercial businesses and other supporting businesses. BPPU responsible for fundraising, fund management, and developing business units.

In order to conduct the responsibilities, BPPU ITS has several functions as mentioned bellow :

  1. Institutional fundraising, either from commercial business activities, professional cooperation, asset utilization cooperation, or donation;
  2. ITS endowments management; and
  3. ITS business activities development through discoveries utilization in science and technology

As a service institution that is directly under the control of ITS Chancellor, BPPU has a strategic position as the revenue generator for ITS. BPPU also responsible to provide service and cooperate with all stakeholders, both internal and external parties that has been in cooperation with ITS.