Recruit Students and ITS Graduates

Recruit Students and ITS Graduates

ITS has a Career Development Center (SAC) that serves student career assistance, as well as corporate stakeholders who seek student recruitment from ITS. The provided services are as follows:

Job Fair

ITS Job Fair is a student career event that held every semester to welcome fresh graduates from various disciplines. The number of visitors is up to 4000 each day. Contact us to participate as exhibitor or sponsor in ITS Job Fair.

Job Vacancy Publication

ITS Career Development Center provides job vacancy publication service. Corporates can utilized the service to announce their job vacancy. This publication will help corporates to attract the interest of the job seekers.

Psychological Test 

ITS Career Development Center / SAC-ITS psychologist will conduct the psychological test. They experienced in handling test instructions also analyzing and reporting the test result. The service user can take the test in various methods based on the agreement made beforehand. Learn more about the methods that used by SAC ITS.

 Academic Potential Test 

The academic potential test will be conducted by TPA-ITS team. They experienced in handling entrance exam for Post-Graduate Program and for ITS Freshman. Time and place for the test arranged according to the agreement with the service user.