Indonesia is facing a severe energy issue, particularly in fuel oil for the transportation sector. ITS as a green-university also strives to innovate economic automotive product. ITS’ initiative to create an electric car, GESITS, and Sapu Angin has gained international acknowledgment since these cars won many international competitions.Our Expertise:Our research and innovation expertise in automotive are:

  • Reprove engineering process to develop the automotive component for local production.
  • Models and prototypes for efficient and effective automotive component that ready to be tested and produced massively.
  • Produce model and prototype of the automotive component as the result of innovative reprove engineering and product development
  • Develop auxiliary equipment for the production process to improve the quality and the quantity of local automotive industry.
  • Request Intellectual Property Right for the innovative work and promotes to industries to be produced massively.
  • Propose national standard concept to the government regarding performance, safety, amenities, stability, and road properness for Indonesian vehicles.
  • Provide training, consultation, and service for the production process for small and medium enterprises to improve the quality and to accelerate their production rate.


  • Development of automotive products with Reprove engineering process and Creative and innovative process
  • As a medium for efficient and effective production and assembly processes
  • As a medium to test and evaluate various models and product prototypes
  • As a medium of testing the quality of various automotive components according to National standard and international Quality
  • As a medium for the testing of performance, safety, comfort, and stability of the vehicle, and the road of different types of vehicles.

Industry PartnerPT GaransindoThe GESITS electric motorcycle is the first electric motorcycle assembled by ITS. GESITS is the product of collaborative research between ITS and PT Garansindo, an electric vehicle industry. This motorcycle is now in the commercialization process.Currently, this electric motorcycle is in the massive production to produce 50 thousand units and will be in the marketplace in 2018. Some of them are booked by several agencies such as PT Telkom and the governor of Bali.Beside PT Garasindo, another industry partner are Pertamina, Semen Indonesia, Shell, Fastron, Telkomsel, Iquteche, PT. SUA, SGB, PGN, Kapal Api, PJB, Lintech, Krakatau Steel, Astra Otoparts, Garuda Indonesia, PT KAI, and many other.

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