Creative Industry

Creative Industry

There are a lot of unique and creative products from ITS. These products use environmentally friendly materials with high economic value. Some products combine aesthetics and technological values. The products are made through several steps such as product designing, prototyping, procurement process, assembling, finishing, branding, and packaging. These products have attracted national and international investors and are ready for massive production.


  • Research in the field of the creative industry with excellence and competitiveness;
  • Provide services to industry, government, and other partners.
  • New product development with high technology, digital to produce modern creative products with High economic value;
  • Generate a start-up company through a business incubator;
  • Generate IPR: Patent, copyright, industrial design, trademark, etc;
  • Market, promote, and build ITS STP branding sustainably, including seminars, exhibitions;
  • Provide facilities required by sub-unit and industry partners
  • Conducting capacity building activities in order to improve the competitiveness of actors National Creative Industries: training, internships, workshops, certification of skills, professions, etc.;
  • Build national and international networks.

Expertise Sector

Design Services:

  • Product design service (concept and engineering consulting)
  • Industrial Collaborative Research
  • Promotion, Advertising, Printing
  • Concepting, Designing, and DED
  • Branding, Environmental Graphic Design
  • Animation, Game, Multimedia content

Teaching Industry:

  • Industrial Process Exposure
  • Concepting
  • Designing
  • Branding
  • Detailed Engineering Design
  • Prototyping and Industrial prefiX
  • Limited production
  • Communicative marketing

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