ICT and Robotics

ICT and Robotics

ICT and robotics have become personal prestige for several higher education institution. At ITS, Robotics is developed earnestly. Indonesia has several Robots that is acknowledged internationally such as Ichiro, a humanoid robot, Flying robot, firefighter robot, and a robot with human-like-kinetics ability. Regarding information and technology sector, ITS also developed a strategic research for industries such as Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) that applied in driving license to control the gasoline used. In addition, for medical technology, ITS creates TB analyzer, a medical equipment to count tuberculosis number on the sputum preparation. This strategic research is innovated to answer domestic and international challenges.


The expertise in research and innovation we have in ICT and Robotics include:

  • Micro Electronics manufacturing (IME) for robotics
  • Microcontroller manufacturing for robotics processor
  • Affordable robotic manufacturing for educational purposes
  • Data sources and application development
  • Satellite Stations Constructions
  • Manufacturing tools for communication and information sharing
  • Medical Equipments Manufacturing


  • ICT for environmental monitoring and creative industries (Game and animation)
  • Robots for Industry automation
  • Biomedical and Telemedicine techniques
  • E-Learning, E-Government, E-Services

Industry Partner

  • The Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education of Republic of Indonesia (DIKTI)
  • Portable Earth Satellite Station (LAPAN)
  • DIKTI and LAPAN have initiated INUSAT project that involves several Indonesian universities include ITS to develop nanosatellite that genuinely designed and manufactured by Indonesian experts.
  • PLN

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