International Relation

International Relation

Go Abroad with International Office ITS

If you want to study abroad, gain international experience, collaborating in world forums, and attend training with foreign students, International Office ITS able to help you achieve those dreams. International Office is a unit in ITS dedicated to support campus internationalization. This unit serves as a bridge between ITS and the world. Whether it is a student, lecturer, and staffs who want to go abroad, or the foreign students who want to study in ITS.International Office not only consisted of lecturers and employees of ITS but also involved ITS students as volunteers. Through the International Office, students, employees, and lecturers able to find information related to overseas programs and scholarships provided by overseas universities for ITS academic communities.

There are several excellent programs organized by the International Office. The program includes courses for ITS students, foreign students interested in ITS, faculties in ITS, and staffs. This program is held to improve the global competence of ITS community.These programs including:

Program for ITS students

  • Student exchange
  • Short program
  • Internship program

Program for ITS employees and lecturers, foreign lecturers

  • Overseas education program
  • Comparative study program
  • Internship for employees

Scholarship program

  • Available for ITS students
  • Available for foreign students
  • Also available for lecturers and staffs