Synchro ITS

Synchro ITS

About Synchro ITS

In celebrating their 60th Anniversary, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) Surabaya presents a new landmark, Synchro, to add a new color to the campus area. This landmark is the fruit of collaboration between the institute and the ITS Alumni Association for the East Java Regional Management (IKA ITS PW Jatim). This monument can be found in the ITS’s Triangle Park area.

The Name Meaning

he name Synchro is derived from the word “synchronous” which means being synchronous, dynamic, and synergistic. Meanwhile, the gear model was chosen because it symbolizes when working together, the gears of different sizes still rotate simultaneously. ITS consists of various elements and takes pride in diversity.

The Five Main Functions

  1. Synchro ITS is a pinpoint for visitors entering the campus area in Sukolilo;
  2. A local environmental aesthetic;
  3. An enhancer of ITS image as a humanist technology campus with many art and culture-style installations;
  4. A place perfect for taking selfies or gathering, which can support the development of educational tourism in the campus area;
  5. A proof that alumni are still bound physically and spiritually with their alma mater;