ITS Library : Now a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader

ITS Library is available as a learning resource centre with facilities and services based on information and technology. Through the Information Retrieval Service, ITS students can access various information. Among them are printed journal articles, online journal articles, books, final assignment, thesis, dissertation, research report and so on.

The number of textbook collections the library has as many as 40,356 titles; 95,848 copies, the number of collections available in the reference service are 1,947 titles; 2,267 copies, and at IKOMA corner there are thesis collection 53,444 titles, Thesis 8,743 titles, Dissertation 262 titles, Professional Education 48 titles, Job Training (KP) 7,718 titles. The journal or magazine 2,207 titles; 62,892 copies, and 6 titles of newspapers.

In the Library ITS also provided Total Audio Visual Collection, namely:

  • Videocassette of 539 titles;669 copies
  • Audiocassette of 44 titles;100 copies
  • Microfilm ((Microfilm) as many as 154 titles, 1732 copies
  • Microphysics (Microfiche) as many as 21 titles;2,258 copies
  • Slides of 22 titles;527 copies.
  • CD-ROM of 2,506 titles;3,289 copies of the CD
  • Final Assignment of 29,968 titles;29968 copies

Digital Services

ITS library also provides digital services, the form of services which accessible digitally. There is a guide to uploading their final projects (bachelor thesis), an online catalog containing ten knowledge disciplines including computer science, Information, public works, philosophy, psychology, and so on. This service also facilitates students who want to register as an online member and provide e-journals from 19 leading sources such as IEEE, ASCE, ASME, and others, as well as e-books from Springer link and Wiley.

  • Institutional Repository
  • Online Catalog
  • Member Online Registration
  • Online Journals and E-Book

Corner Service

Corner services are IT facilities formed with the collaboration between ITS and various institutions. The room at the corner comes with a collection of books, DVDs along with a DVD player, color television, and a computer peripheral unit for accessing the Internet. Inside the corner also offers various activities such as interactive discussions, seminars, and workshops held regularly and can be attended by the academic community of ITS and the general public.

  • Sampoerna Corner
  • IDIS / WorldBank Corner
  • SNI Corner
  • PLN Corner