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    Students in Faculty of Marine Technology :

    1. Amount Student in 2018 for Undergraduate Program is 1979
    2. Amount Student in 2018 for Postgraduate Program is 135

    Lectures in Faculty of Marine Technology :

    •    9 Professors
    •  34 Doctor
    • 50 Masters

    List of Laboratories

    Laboratories in Faculty of Marine Technologya. Department of Naval Architecture

    • Laboratory of Ship Construction
    • Laboratory of of Ship Design
    • Laboratory of Ship Production and Technology
    • Laboratory of Ship Hydrodynamic
    • Drawing Studio

    b. Department of Marine Engineering

    • Laboratory of Marine Power Plant
    • Laboratory of Machinery and System
    • Laboratory of Electrical and Automation System
    • Laboratory of Reliability, Availability and Management System
    • Laboratory of Manufacture and Design

    c. Department of Ocean Engineering

    • Laboratory of Computation and Numeric
    • Laboratory of Offshore Hydrodynamic
    • Laboratory of Ocean Energy and Seawater Environment
    • Laboratory of Underwater System and Seabed
    • Laboratory of Operational Research and Design
    • Laboratory of Ocean Structural Dynamic
    • Drawing Studio

    d. Department of Marine Transportation Engineering

    • Laboratory of Marine Transport and Logistics
    • Laboratory of Ports and Infrastructures
    • Laboratory of Sea Transports Telematics
    • Laboratory of Computational and Research Operation