Industrial and Systems Engineering

Industrial and Systems Engineering

World Barometer of Industrial and Systems Engineering

Systems and industrial engineering is a combination of engineering science, social and management. In this department, students will learn how to design, manage, and apply all industrial elements, such as human, machine, method, material, and environment into systems related to factory functions. Industrial Engineering focuses on designing, upgrading, and installation of integrated systems that require the role of human, material, equipment, and energy. Industrial Engineering Program was established in 1985, before turning into of Industrial Engineering Department in 1996.

Industrial and Systems Engineering Department has successfully obtained the “A” score of accreditation, means “Unggul” or superior, from BAN-PT (National Board of Accreditation). Industrial and Systems Engineering Department has also received certification from AUN-QA at ASEAN level and accreditation from ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology) from the USA.

More than 30 lectures with expertise such as ergonomics, manufacturing system, sustainable manufacture, optimization, simulation, data mining, logistics, supply chain, quality management, and performance measurement make Industrial and Systems Engineering of ITS one of the best and main barometers of Industrial Engineering majors in Indonesia.

The international climate is deeply felt in this department. Establishing an International Undergraduate Program (IUP) in 2019, receiving undergraduate and postgraduate exchange students from many countries, definitely encourages our students involved in global experiences and becomes a motor of internationalization activities in ITS.

Industrial Engineering alumni have reached more than 1000 professionals spread across national and international industry sectors, holding a strategic and prestigious position both in company or government. Industrial Engineering graduates can take the role of several functions in the industry such as production & quality, engineering, cost planning, supply chain, procurement, strategic management, occupational health & safety, sales & marketing, and HRD division.

Undergraduate Program

This program can be completed in 144 credits, One credit equivalent to 50 minutes attending lectures, 50 minutes of guided assignments, 50 minutes of self-study, including several class projects and exams as well. beside conventional learning methods, the program’s curriculum will also cover industry visits, internships, and final assignments in the last semester of the study period. The program aims to develop students to have the ability to design, install, refine, and integrate industrial systems, as well as the ability to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity in industrial systems.

International Undergraduate Program

The International Undergraduate Program (also known as IUP) is a bachelor program which implements English as the language of instruction. The program offers regular undergraduate curriculum and provides opportunities for students to take part in international activities in the form of Study excursion, Internship in an international or multinational company, Student exchange, Summer/short course, and Joint degree.

Master Program

This  Program aims to equip students with deeper knowledge and skills related to capabilities in the design, installation, and improvement of complex industrial systems. The program offers  Logistics and Supply Chain Management (LSCM), Quality and Manufacturing Management (QMM), Industrial Systems Optimization (ISO), Industrial Ergonomics and Safety (IES) and Strategic Performance Management (SPM).

Doctoral Program

This program is designed for students interested in conducting high-quality research resulting in significant contributions to Industrial Engineering. One of the requirements for graduating from a doctoral program is that students must publish their research results in leading international journals. Currently, this program offers three main focus in Logistics and Supply Chain Engineering (LSCE), Quality and Manufacturing Systems (SMM) and Industrial Systems Optimization (ISO).

Industrial and Systems Engineering Department research program has focused on ergonomics, manufacturing systems, sustainable manufacture, optimization, simulation, data mining, logistics, supply chain, quality management and performance measurement. The research program also supports laboratories, i.e:

  1. Manufacturing Systems, Has competence in Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM), Sustainable Manufacturing, Manufacturing System Planning, Technology Management, and Quality
  2. Ergonomic and System Design, Has competence in ergonomics, Occupational Safety and Health, Facility Planning and Design Work Area, Measurement Procedures, Design and product development
  3. Industrial System and Management, Has competence in Strategy and operational management, Entrepreneurship and Corporate Social Responsibility, Economics and Finance
  4. Quantitative Modeling and Industrial Analysis, Has competencies in optimization, simulation, and statistics
  5. Logistics Management and Supply Chain, Has competencies to provide effective and efficient upstream to downstream workflows

The department has collaborated activities such as guest lectures, Industrial Visits, exchanges of education personnel and students, international classes for undergraduate and master programs, joint degree programs, national/international seminars. This collaboration program will continue to be enhanced to support the vision of Industrial Engineering Department to become an internationally recognized institution of industrial engineering education. Some of the institutions that have collaborated such as Hiroshima University Japan, Mahidol University Thailand, Monash University Malaysia, International Labor Organizer (ILO), Sura Naree University of Thailand, Monash University Australia, Nevada University of Las Vegas – USA, Thammasat University Thailand, Utem Malaysia, Dankook South Korea, Saxion University Netherland, Chulalongkom University Thailand, National Accreditation Board, ASEAN University Network, Accreditation Board of Engineering & Technology, NTUST Taiwan, Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia, PT Summarecon Agung Indonesia, PT Amerta Indah Otsuka , PT Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur.

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