Vision and Mission

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    An excellent and internationally reputable faculty in the development of science, mathematics and analytical data and its application to humanity, welfare and the environment.


    The mission of the faculty of scientics is to contribute in the development of science and technology in the fields of physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, analytical data and its application for the welfare of society through education, research, community service, and management based on information and communication technology.

    1. Education. Organizing higher education based on information and communication technology to produce graduates of international quality in the fields of science, mathematics, and data analyticsb. Produce graduates who believe and fear God Almighty and have entrepreneurial knowledge.

    2. Research FieldCarry out innovative and creative research and international reputation.

    3. Community ServiceUtilize the resources of the faculty to play an active role in solving problems faced by society, industry and government.

    4. Management. Professional management of inter-departmental resource capabilities in the organization of Tridharma Perguruan Tinggi based on information and communication technology;b. Developing networks and synergizing with domestic and foreign universities, industry, society, and government in the organization of Higher Education Tridharma.