Research to Improve Ability and Increase Knowledge

The Vocational Faculty has the vision to become the Leading Faculty of Technology and Applied Science in Indonesia, primarily to support the Development of Industry and Marine care for the environment through vocational studies. The Vocational Faculty’s research hopes to play an active role in providing students and lecturers to apply science and information technology.

This research facility can be a starting place for students to participate in creating new research that supports students’ creativity and abilities. This effort is implemented through practicum activities with particular Semester Credit Unit (SKS) weights in several courses. In addition, the curriculum at ITS also provides opportunities for students to carry out research internships or practical work at various universities, research institutions, or companies.

1. Research on Material and Building Structure

    In-depth discussion of the material used in building the building structure   so that it finds a new method

2. Transportation and Geotechnical Research

    A research program that researches in the field of transportation and geotechnics, so that the results produced will be useful for any road, bridge, pier construction project or in special matters in the geotechnical field

3. Research in the Field of Hydrotechnics and Surveying

    Researching about matters related to hydrotechnics and surveying, a very important thing in the world of civil engineering to smooth all development methods
  1. Operation & Maintenance
  2. Energy Power Generation
  3. Manufacturer.
  4. Oil and Gas
  5. Automotive
  6. Construction, consultant, And Design
  1. Computerized Numerical Control and Machine Tools
  2. Large Scale Industries
  3. Industrial Robotics
  4. Intelligent Unmanned Vehicle
  5. State Automation
  6. Hardware in The Loop Simulation
  1. Operation & Maintenance
  2. Energy Power Generation
  3. Manufacturer.
  4. Oil and Gas
  5. Automotive
  6. Construction, consultant, And Design
  1. Controlling Instrumentation
  2. Measurement Instrumentation
  3. Safety System

Following this was presented a list of studies that could be categorized in the scope of the Analytical Business laboratory research.

Year Research
2010 Calculation of the Socio-Economic Costs of Coastal Communities Due to Oil Pollution in the Sea
2011 Market Potential Research to Revitalize Traditional Markets in Surabaya, Research on Industrial Cooperation, ITS.
2012 Review of Factors that influence the Determination of Crisis Management Protocol (CMP) Levels and Indicators In the context of Prevention and Crisis Management of National Valuable Debt Markets
2012 Decision Support System For Calculation of Loss Costs Due to Sea Pollution
2014 Development of Risk Assessment Model for Financier Protection Fund Members
2013 Mapping and Modeling of Economic Loss Risks Due to Natural Disasters
2014 Mapping and Modeling of Economic Loss Risks Due to Natural Disasters (Second Year)
2015 Development of Risk Assessment Model for Custodian Bank DPP Members
2015 Analysis of Regional Activity and Potential Patterns for Business Development in the Teluk Lamong Port Area
2015 Central Statistics Agency (BPS) Consumer Satisfaction Survey in the City of Probolinggo
2017 Predictions of Financial Distress Using Linear Discriminant Analysis and Vector Machine Support in Industrial Sector Companies Registered on the Indonesia Stock Exchange
2017 Development of Hybrid ARIMAX-Quantitative Regression Method for Forecasting Listri Consumption Data in East Java Containing Heteroscedatisity
2017 Economic Analysis of the Impact of Climate Change on Agricultural Productivity in Indonesia To Anticipate Food Security Using Econometric Panel Models
2017 Value At Risk Analysis Using Armax-Garchx Copula Approach To Estimate Stock Return Risk In The Banking Sub-Sector

Quality and productivity are important in every type and industry sector both services and goods. The application of statistical methods in this field is needed as a tool to make decisions in determining strategies for improving quality and productivity. Some topics in quality and productivity engineering include quality management, quality design, quality control, and experimental design.

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