Industrial Product Design

Industrial Product Design

Through Design, We Inspire

Department of Industrial Product Design prepares students to become professional designers. It’s a suitable place to learn and hone your ability to design various products and to advance further in pursuing a higher degree. Students are taught to have high sensitivity in designing products, to do a thorough research in product’s usability, and to have professional attitude in work. Later on, students can choose a more specific course to study according to their talents and abilities.

In this department, student will learn to make innovation when solving product-related problems that can benefit the community. They are not only capable to process visual objects but also to solve everyday design-related problems. To these days, the students of the department has won many design competitions ranging from the subjects such as furniture design, fashion, transportastion design, and much more.

To become a student in Department of Industrial Product Design, prospective student must successfully pass the admission test which will be followed by visual ability test.

Graduates of this department can work in many design fields such as Jewelry Designer, Fashion Designer, Furniture Designer, Transportation Designer, and many more. Until now, Department of Industrial Product Design has also produced lots of alumni who become entrepreneurs and work in various studios and big companies in Indonesia.

Undergraduate Program

This program will provide courses about product design in accordance to the curriculum of 2018 – 2023 for undergraduate program (Bachelor Degree) of Industrial Product Design which is divided into two parts, namely the preparatory and undergraduate courses.

The research purpose of Department of Industrial Product Design is to meet the needs of society, government, community, and industry especially in the field of design. Research development will continue to be done locally, regionally, nationally and internationally as to fulfill the department’s vision of becoming a research center for industrial design.

Research in the department is also supported by laboratory facilities that can be used by students and lecturers during their study. 

Department of Industrial Product Design collaborates with communities, society, governments, small and large industries.


Prodes-ITS is a short program by Department of Industrial Product Design focusing on the field of design and animation. This program is open to high school graduates, university students, practitioners, and people who want to improve their knowledge and skills in multimedia design and animation for work purpose, entrepreneurship, or preparation to pursue higher degree.

The one-year program curriculum will be given based on the applicant’s interest at the beginning of registration. The areas of interest offered are:

1. Design

Providing knowledge and skills in applying design principles and mastery of computer applications as design tool. The specialization consists of graphic design, product design, and interior design

2. Animation

Focusing on mastering 2D and 3D animation production techniques that can be applied as visual communication media in electronic device, interactive technology, film or multimedia game

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