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About Our Faculty

Faculty of Marine Technology (FMT) was established under Presidential Decree Number 58 in 1982. Formerly, FMT was named Faculty of Naval Architecture which was established in 1960 together with the establishment of Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS). At the present time, Faculty of Marine Technology has four majors undergraduate an post graduates programmes.

Faculty of Marine Technology learn about development, utilization, and transformation of marine science to create community-based marine development and sustainable and eco-friendly maritime community empowerment in the Asia Pacific region. This faculty has Undergraduate Programme which consist of  Marine Engineering, Naval Architecture, Marine Transportation Engineering, Ocean Engineering, and also Postgraduate Programme consisting of Marine Technology and Marine Engineering.

Focus on the Indonesian Maritime Field, Faculty of Marine Technology commited to contribute and support Indonesia as a global maritime axis. Faculty of Marine Technology has complete laboratory facilities in the field of scientific research and community services.

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Vision and Mission


To be a referral higher education in the field of Marine Technology in ASEAN



  1. Provide a qualified higher education in Marine Technology in ASEAN
  2. Perform relevant Marine Technology Research in the regional level /ASEAN
  3. Develop Marine Technology information system and services for the society, business and industries
  4. Enlarge the application of Marine Technology to solve problems in the society, business and industries
  5. Develop a quality and customer-oriented institution
  6. Build and keep the moral and ethic values on whole aspects of academic process to strengthen the maritime tradition and culture



ITS Agrees on a Joint-Degree with Mokpo National University Korea

To support the vision as World Class University, Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) strengthens international collaboration with various foreign universities. One of them is the joint-degree cooperation program with Mokpo National University, South Korea



Student Admission


Research of Coral Reefs as Bioindicators of Heat Pollution

IITS Campus, ITS News – Disposal of hot water from industrial activities to coastal areas contributes to rising water temperatures on the coast that can damage coral reefs. Departing from this, Dr. Dra Dian Saptarini MSc examines coral reefs as a biological parameter for the control of heat pollution.



Faculty of Marine Technology has collaboration with Maritime Industries such as ClassNK, ABS by giving award and scholarship for the students who have achievement in academic and non academic. The Students of Faculty Marine Technology also won in several competition both Nationally and Internationally

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There are several events organized by Faculty of Marine Technology both Nationally and Internationally.

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In 2017, the total enrolled number of students at Faculty of Marine Technology were 2139 students, which include 2013 undergraduates and 126 graduate students




Faculty of Marine Technology has collaboration with ClassNK Japan and American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), Hochschule Wismar University, Mokpo National University

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