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December 23, 2019 18:12

With The New Dean as Their Captains, FTK Ready To Be More Internationalized

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Dr. Eng Trika Pitana ST MSc, dean of the Faculty of Marine Technology (FTK) 2020-2024

ITS Campus, ITS News — newly designated the Dean of the Faculty of Marine Technology (FTK), Dr. Eng Trika Pitana ST. MSc begins preparing the faculty to sail to the next four-year ocean. Trika said to ITS Online, that FTK will have some focus plans, one of which is the internationalization of the faculty so that the Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) is getting closer to World Class University (WCU).

Dr. Eng Trika Pitana ST. MSc said that in the future, he and the elected Vice-dean of FTK, Dr. Eng Rudi Waluyo PST MT, will encourage the faculty to get international recognition. Where it complies with ITS vision and focus towards the research and innovation campus. “So international recognition through the innovation of works by the faculty, before finally, the campus (ITS, red) can go to the WCU,” said the professor of Departement of Marine Engineering.

In achieving his goal, Trika explains that FTK needs to involve three types of stakeholders. The first, the National Party is the Government and the related maritime industries. Then international parties like cooperation with foreign universities and research centers. Also, the alumnus of the Department of Marine Engineering stressed that it’s needed to involve alumni in supporting the recognition of ITS FTK in the international arena.

FTK, through Trika, assumed that current international recognition is crucial because it can form a reputation, a proof that FTK can compete in the global arena and be able to push ITS to be WCU. “I am optimistic if accreditation, cooperation, and joint research is encouraged, then ITS through FTK will be closer to realizing WCU,” he added.

Now, three FTK departments have begun to be recognized in international accreditation, including the Department of Naal Architecture and Shipbuilding Engineering with the ASEAN University Network-Quality Assurance Standard (AUN-QA), the Department of Mariner Engineering with the Institute of Marine Engineering Science and Technology (IMarEST) and ZevA Accreditation Board Europe, as well as the Department of Ocean Engineering with Indonesian Accreditation Board for Engineering (IABEE). Meanwhile, the Departement of Marine Transportation Engineering is continuously improving the quality to be able to get IABEE accreditation.

FTKs Tentative Plans in 2020-2024

In addition to international recognition, Trika and the team began preparing several tentative plans. Among them is the strengthening of national cooperation, especially the maritime industry. Currently, according to Trika, the lecturers at FTK already have contributions to the development of the maritime industry. But according to him, it still needs to be better coordinated. “For the good relationship of cooperation can be maintained,” he asserted.

Besides, he wants the potential of a new study Program (Prodi) in FTK can thrive. Where, currently \ FTK has four departments that have their own graduate Prodi, which means not entirely. According to this man’s eyes, the teacher’s resources are considered adequate and capable to realize the Prodi and the latest departments.

The third is about human resources (HR) FTK. He considers the need for development in human resources. According to him, the quantity of professors in FTK needs to be improved and filled with qualified lecturers and has international recognition of the teachers. “This is what we think is heavy enough to do,” he explained seriously.

Not only lecturers, oned by the staff and educators (Tendik) is also important to be developed by participating in the international level training (mobility staff). Of course, what is not less important is encouraging students to actively participate in international activities. “Because if we are serious about getting international recognition, we have to balance with the internal conditions are adequate,” said Trika.

With alumni, Trika and the team wanted to strengthen cooperation between the two parties. This is because he thinks alumni can be a source of funding in the development of faculty. On the other hand, alumni also have a sense of being able to share their knowledge, either the world’s lectures or the workplace experience. Not to miss, this Kobe University alumnus believes that alumni can provide a working path for students. “So that the alumni of FTK can be accepted in the work well,” he added sure.

In addition to the tentative steps, he hopes that inter-department can strengthen the synergy. Even according to Dean elected, based on decree (SK) Rector number T/4437/IT2/HK. 00.01/2019, Synergy needs to be started also with other faculties. Because he felt that if only relying on the maritime realm without looking at other science sectors, FTK would be difficult to advance. “This is a great task for us (FTK, red) so that this collaboration can strengthen and get each other,” said Deputy Director of International Office. (dik/id/rev)

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