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    Greetings from the Dean

    Prof. Ir. Achmad Zubaydi, M.Eng., Ph.D

    Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.

    Praise to the presence of Allah SWT because of the blessing of His mercy and guidance, the website of Faculty of Marine Technology can be displayed.

    Faculty of Marine Technology (FTK), which was named Faculty of Naval Architecture established in 1960, and in 1982 the name had been changed to Faculty of Marine Technology.

    FTK has the vision to be a referral higher education in the field of Marine Technology in ASEAN.

    The Faculty of Marine Technology always strives to improve quality as an institution of higher education, provide a qualified education, perform relevant marine technology research in international level, and  develop information systems and the application of marine technology to solve problems in the community, business and industries.

    Faculty of Marine Technology has Bachelor and Postgraduate Programs :

    Bachelor Program (S1)

    1. Department of Naval Architecture  (accredited “A” BAN-PT, AUN-QA and IABEE Certification).
    2. Department of Marine Engineering (accredited “A” BAN-PT, AUN-QA Certification)
    3. Department of Ocean Engineering (accredited “A” from BAN-PT, IABEE Certification)
    4. Department of Marine Transportation Engineering (accredited “A” from BAN-PT)

    Postgraduate Program (S2/S3)

    1. Marine Technology Postgraduate Program (accredited “B” BAN-PT ) which consist of study  field : Marine Production and Material Engineering, Marine Transportation Engineering, Design of Ocean Structure, Coastal Engineering and Management, Marine Renewable Energy.
    2. Marine Engineering Postgraduate Program

    To support ITS towards WCU (World Class University), Department of Naval Architecture FTK has Joint Bachelor Degree program in collaboration with Mokpo National University, Korea, and also Department of Marine Engineering FTK has collaboration with Hochschule Wismar University, Germany to organize Double Degree Program for Bachelor and Magister.

    FTK has produced qualified and competent graduates, they have contributed to the government institutions and industries such as maritime industry, shipyards, shipping companies, oil and gas, engineering consultants, ports, industrial engineering and other companies in the maritime sector.

    Alumnae of  FTK-ITS also have strategic positions both in government and private.Hopefully, this website can provide the detailed information for prospective students, community, especially industrial, and government partners.

    Wassalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.

    Prof. Ir. Achmad Zubaydi, M. Eng., Ph.D.
    Dean of the Faculty of Marine Technology
    Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology, Surabaya

    Organizational Structure