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    Greetings from the Dean

    Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb

    Praise the presence of Allah SWT, hopefully, all programs and activities at the ITS Faculty of Marine Technology (Martech) get his blessing and guidance.

    FMT was founded in 1960, which was called the Faculty of Naval Architecture, then changed to FMT in 1982. Until now, FMT has 4 departments, namely the Department of Naval Architecture, Department of Marine Engineering, Department of Ocean Engineering and Department of Marine Transportation Engineering. Which all these departments have been nationally accredited (BAN-PT) with an “A” accreditation value, and several Departments have been internationally accredited (IABEE) and regional certification (AUN QA).

    The Department of Marine Engineering also has a Double Degree (DD) program in collaboration with Wismar University in Germany, and the Department of Naval Architecture has a DD program with Mokpo University, South Korea. This shows, FMT has gained international recognition because almost all departments are internationally accredited and two departments have DD programs.

    In addition to Educational Cooperation, recognition of Martech human resources competencies is recognized nationally through various collaborations with Industry, Government and Alumnae. Martech has been actively involved in providing technical consultations to the shipping industry, the government, state-owned enterprises (BUMN), private companies, oil and gas companies, and other service companies.

    The human resources of Martech are also very capable in terms of collaborative research and innovation, as evidenced by several products that have begun to move in the commercialization stage such as AISITS (software for ship monitoring), INSTOW (software for structuring ship containers). Research collaboration with NUFFIC Nesso in the field of coastal and marine engineering and marine transportation, also research collaboration with Wismar University in the field of Sustainable Island Development Initiative (SIDI).

    We sincerely hope and encourage that the number of Martech human resources work, collaboration in education will increase in the next 5 years, research and community service from previous years. The synergy between departments in Martech is getting stronger and also synergy with other departments, industry, and the government is getting stronger. We strongly believe that FMT will further color the development and dynamics of Marine Technology both on a national and international scale.

    Finally, let’s join and work together with Martech.

    Vivat ITS Vivat Martech.

    Wassalaamu’alaikum Wr. Wb

    Dean of Martech.

    Organizational Structure