Civil Infrastructure Engineering

Develop a Professional in Infrastructure and Civil Engineering

Civil Infrastructure Engineering Department (DTIS) Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) offers you to be a professional, innovative and ready to work in civil infrastructure engineer. This program focuses on building, waterworks, and transportation. It is the only department located in ITS Manyar, which is separate from the central campus.

This department provides lectures who have experience in civil engineering and involve in Indonesia project. Its qualification consists of two (2) professors, ten (10) doctoral and three (3) doctoral candidate.

Programs that you may choose in this department is diploma III and diploma IV. Students are being prepared as an engineer that suitable with its curriculum (based on competencies). Our students have achievements in national and international civil infrastructure competition, such as the winner of Building Material Innovation and The Winner in “Perumahan Ramah Lingkungan berbasis kearifan budaya lokal Indonesia”.

Our graduates got their career opportunity in any government and institution.Their jobs can be a civil drafter, civil surveyor, estimator for D-III graduates and structural engineer, concrete engineer, project engineer, bridge engineer for D-IV graduates. D-IV graduates can continue their studies to master and doctoral program. The graduates are employed by PT. Wijaya Karya, Petronas Malaysia, PT. PELINDO, PLN, PDAM, PT. Adhi Karya, PT. Pamapersada Nusantara, Government of East Java Province, Government of Surabaya and etc.

Vocational Degree – Diploma III

This program is accredited A in 2015. Their curriculum based on competency that conducted for 3 (three) years, so alumni are expected to have following competencies. The program equipped with practical training and internship program at institution and companies to measure students competency.

Vocational Degree – Diploma IV

This program produces Civil Infrastructure Engineering level 6 according to Kerangka Kualifikasi Nasional Indonesia (KKNI) 2012. It will be conducted for 4 (four) years with 144 points. Its alumni equivalent with undergraduates program, so they can continue to master degree and doctoral directly.

The research program focuses on civil infrastructure development in transportation, waterworks, and building. Research with industry has been done by Civil Infrastructure Engineering team to increase students competency. This program produces achievement in national and international competition. The laboratories used for research support facilities and provide some services, i.e

1. Transportation and Geotechnical Laboratory, which is divided into two concentrations :

  • Road materials laboratory: this laboratory accepts services for road materials testing.
  • Soil Test Laboratory: this laboratory accept services for a soil test.

2. Hydrotechnical and Survey Laboratory, which is divided into two concentrations :

  • Soil Measuring laboratory: a Civil modeling laboratory which accepts services for soil and leveling measurement and drawing.
  • Hydrology and Hydraulics Laboratory: this laboratory does research for hydrology cycle, rainfall data, and climatology.

3. Material and Building Structure Laboratory, which is divided into four concentrations :

  • Concrete laboratory: this laboratory accepts services for press test, bending test bar locator test, hammer test, core drill, mix design, abrasion test and tensile test.
  • Steel Laboratory: this laboratory accept services and manufacture scaffolding, stairs railing, chair and etc.
  • Wood Laboratory: this laboratory accept manufacture sills, door, table, chair and etc.
  • Stone Laboratory: this laboratory accept services and manufacture for paving block.

Collaboration with government, a private institution, and industry as the development of learning process then it can upgrade our alumni competency. This collaboration delivered in research, scholarships, sharing session and others.

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