Vision and Mision

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    Vision & Mision

    VISION FACULTY OF INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY AND SYSTEMS ENGINEERING-ITS OUR vision is to become the leading in development of industrial technology and systems engineering with international reputation. MISION FACULTY OF INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY AND SYSTEMS ENGINEERING-ITS ALL elements within the faculty are well and precisely coordinated then the education, research and community service can be carried out continuously with international quality, to enhance the nation’s competitiveness by upholding academic ethics and morals.


    1. Being able to apply the education and teaching system in all elements of the faculty to be equal to international standards.
    2. Providing graduates who have skills, knowledge and practical abilities so that they have the competence and confidence to compete in the global market and have good morals and ethics.
    3. Having research results, which can be patented and applied in the real industries.
    4. Producing national and international publications.
    5. Providing technical consultation and training both for industries and society, in order to be able to solve technical problems.
    6. Having both national and international networking.


    1. Improving the performance of the faculty so that it can be operated as a healthy, quality, efficient, productive and accountable educational organization.
    2. Improving the quality of human resources in the fields of management, education, research and community empowerment through training, workshops and further education.
    3. Promoting the faculty to be better and well known through reputable national and international publications.
    4. Developing the networks and cooperation at national and international levels through the information technology media, alumni and industrial relations.