Industrial Mechanical Engineering

Industrial Mechanical Engineering

Develop Qualified and Professional Industrial Machine Engineer

Industrial Mechanical Engineering Department Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology, as a vocational program, provides qualified graduates with competency in manufacture and energy conservation machine, also got an acknowledgment by the national and international industry.Teaching and learning in this department professional education curriculum, support by certified professional lecturers, and minimum master’s degree.This program provides vocational degree Diploma IV (D-IV) with two main focus. There are Energy Conversion Engineering Technology and Manufacturing Engineering Technology. Students will get a basic knowledge, attitude, and professional skills in mechanical engineering. One of the students’ innovation is an urban concept car that achieves champions in Shell Eco-Marathon Asia 2019 di Malaysia.Graduates are widely absorbed in various industries. Such as power generation, oil, and gas, mining, manufacture, automotive, chemical, aviation, mechanical-electrical contractor, and government.

Vocational Degree – Diploma IVThis program will take for four (4) years and graduates equivalent to undergraduate programs. Diploma IV offer you to focus on Energy Conservation and Manufacture.

  • Energy Conversion Engineering Technology

Energy Conversion Engineering Technology studys about renewable energy starting from the basic principles of energy conversion, system design, processes, products, component maintenance, to the development of the latest technology that supports energy conversion.

  • Manufacturing Engineering Technology

This study program produces graduates who are competent in industrial automation, robotics, and welding which are much needed in the manufacturing industry.

The research program in this department focus on manufacture and energy conservation. Its program produces innovation that can be applied to community and have an achievement at the national and international competition. The electrical car which name “Mobil Nogogeni” as third place, get an appreciation from international when taking Shell Eco-Marathon Asia-Pacific 2017 in Singapore. Not only got an achievement but also produce a valuable product and technopreneur, such as “Dentist Chair” and “Paper Hot Embossing Machine”.This department provides some laboratory to support research program, i.e :

  1. Energy Conservation Laboratory: pump laboratory, fluid mechanics laboratory, cooler laboratory, fuel laboratory, and pneumatic laboratory.
  2. Manufacture Laboratory: Perautan laboratory, Forming laboratory, CADCAM laboratory, metal laboratory, welding laboratory, and mechatronics laboratory.
  3. General Laboratory: computer laboratory and drawing laboratory.

Industrial Mechanical Engineering department will expand collaboration program with other department, practitioners, government, and industry on national and international. Its program has been done is trial research product to micro industry.

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