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    About Faculty

    The Faculty of Scientics has a long journey in the history of this hero campus. After the change of name that took effect since November 2018, to support ITS vision to become an internationally reputed university or World Class University (WCU), and in order to answer the challenges of industry 4.0. Since 2020 this faculty has become the Faculty of Science and Data Analytical (Scientics).

    This faculty was established in 1965 under the name Faculty of Certain Sciences and Natural Sciences (FIPIA). At that time, this faculty only had three majors namely Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. 18 years after it was founded the name FIPIA changed to FMIPA. In 1983, the department which was overseen by FMIPA increased by one namely the Statistics Department.

    The twists and turns of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences continue. In 1998, the department at FMIPA increased by one more, Biology. The name of FMIPA survived until 19 years later. Based on the 2017 Chancellor’s Regulation, FMIPA is divided into two faculties. Namely the Faculty of Mathematics, Computing and Data Science (FMKSD) which houses the Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Actuarial, and the Faculty of Natural Sciences (now the Faculty of Science) which includes the Department of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. In its development since 2020 the two faculties have been re-united under the auspices of the Faculty of Scientics with the aim of answering the challenges of Industry 4.0.

    The Faculty of Scientics and Data Analytics has several departments including :

    NoDepartemenProdi SarjanaProdi MagisterProdi Doktor
    1FISIKAAkreditasi AAkreditasi AAkreditasi A
    2MATEMATIKAAkreditasi AAkreditasi AAkreditasi Baik Sekali
    3STATISTIKAAkreditasi AAkreditasi UnggulAkreditasi A
    4KIMIAAkreditasi AAkreditasi AAkreditasi A
    5BIOLOGIAkreditasi AAkreditasi B
    6AKTUARIAAkreditasi Baik