Industrial Chemical Engineering

Professional Graduates in industrial chemical

Industial Chemical Engineering Department (DTKI) offers competence in chemical industry operation process, supervision, management skills, environmental, technopreneur, and readiness to develop further. Now, this department provides vocational degree – diploma IV in industrial chemical engineering.

Learning process in this department based on professional education curriculum and supported by professional lecturers (minimum qualification: certified and master program). The learning system is to engage science and technology that can be applied to deliver professional graduates and fulfill industrial qualification.

Students will be given 4-years education programs with curriculum-based competency. Students will get their subjects according to their focus, while to improve skills will have a practicum class. At the end of learning, students are required to finish their internship program and a final project.

Most of the graduates are working in the various industry, such as petrochemical, oil and gas, cement, food and beverages, paper, rubber and plastics, pharmacy, textile, power plants, financial industry, research assistant in research and development industries, also entrepreneurship.

Vocational Degree – Diploma IV

Industial Chemical Engineering Department offers an Applied Bachelor / Diploma IV that produces professional engineers in Technology of Industial Chemical Engineering with applied science degree.

As a mission to qualified vocational degree programs, its have a research program that involves students and lectures. its research program focuses on the development of chemical engineering operational study and chemical industry process, so its deliver applicative innovation and alternative to industrial issues.

Industrial Chemical Engineering Department has a collaboration with sugar industry in research industrial at PG Kebun Agung, PG Trangkil, PG Kremboong, PG. Pesantren Baru, PG. Gempol Krepp dan PG. Lestari. This department will continue to develop collaboration with various industry or government, to improve graduates quality and develop the applied science of industrial chemical engineering.

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