Information Technology

Cyber Security and Technology-Based Internet Development

Information Technology Department present to support two of five of Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) featured fields, i.e ICT and robotics, and settlement. This department also has a contribution to science and technology development for the welfare of the community through education, research, community service, and technology-based management.In going through the course, students will be guided by qualified lecturers. This department lecturer is 6 lecturers who have the qualification of 2 people with doctoral and 4 masters. The learning methods and curriculum that applied in this department always continue to be developed such as Character, Applied Approach (AA), English as Medium Instruction (EMI), and Problem Based Learning (PBL) and the latest curriculum.Learning process in this department implemented a Student-Centered Learning program that emphasizes student activeness through group discussion and presentation methods, individual or group assignment. Students will be given basic computing and math concepts, information technology principles, standards in information technology, process analysis, planning, management, and evaluation related to information resources, general and special skills. Students learning is equipped with classroom facilities, libraries, support rooms, and laboratories.Employment opportunities for graduates i.e cybersecurity specialists, application security analysts, system integration specialists, general service developers and IoT (Internet Of Things) specialists. The types of information technology jobs include IT architecture (cloud services), help desk IT support, network administration & systems administration, network security, database development & database administration, web development & web programming, computer operators, data network engineering, database administrators, security Infrastructure and software, network & system technicians.

Undergraduate Program Students have to finish 159 credits on this program. The program offers five areas of expertise: cybersecurity, application security, system integration, general services and internet of things. Students will be prepared with the ability to planning and manage secure information technologies including installation, integration, customization, and maintenance, as well as a focus on the current infrastructure utilization methodology.

Information Technology department has a research focus on cyber security and Information Technology Infrastructure. This department also does journal publication. Research development in Information Technology is support by laboratories :

  • Cyber Security : This laboratory has focused on cyber and application security.
  • Smart City Technology : This laboratory has focused on the Internet of  Things (IoT) to support the smart city, general services, and integration system.

Type of collaboration in Information Technology  Department is education collaboration, research, community service, professional.

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