Launching of the ITS 2019 Robot Team

Tue, 16 Apr 2019
5:40 pm
Alumni dan Kemahasiswaan
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Oleh : Admin - F.Teknologi Elektro   |

The launching of the ITS 2019 Robot Team was attended by the ITS Chancellor, Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Technology, Advisor of the ITS Robot Team. The ITS 2019 Robot Team prepares its robots in the KRI 2019 with 6 divisions, namely: 1. Indonesian ABU Robot Contest (KRAI); 2. Indonesian Fire Extinguisher Robot Contest (KRPAI); 3. Indonesian Dance Art Robot Contest (KRSTI); 4. Indonesian Soccer Robot (KRSBI) Contest; 5. Indonesian Football Robot Contest (KRSBI) Wheeled; and new division 6. Indonesian Thematic Robot Contest (KRTMI). On this 2019 KRI, the KRTMI division was only contested in the National Level Contest.  .google {left:100%;display:inline-block;position:fixed}

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