Cabinet Organigram for Initiation of BEM FTEIC ITS 2021

Fri, 20 Aug 2021
7:25 pm
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The Student Executive Board of the Faculty of Intelligent Electrical and Informatics Technology Technology (BEM FTEIC) Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) is a faculty-level organization that oversees six departments at FTEIC through their work programs and agendas. Formed last May, BEM FTEIC officially released the faces of students who will drive their first organization through the Initiation Cabinet Organigram.

Cabinet Organigram for Initiation of BEM FTEIC ITS 2021.

Indra Widnyana led the 2021 BEM FTEIC Initiation Cabinet from the Information Technology Department as the Chair of the organization, assisted by two Secretary Generals, namely Bagus Pamungkas as External and Samara Fahira, who served as Internal Secretary-General. These two students come from the Department of Electrical Engineering. And also, Adeela Nurul as Secretary I and Putri Aliya as Treasurer I will be assisted by Secretary II and Treasurer II.

There are four departments and one bureau, each led by a department head assisted by a deputy department head, department secretary, and staff. Azmi, the head of the Department of Foreign Affairs, added, “The staff for the current cabinet are all from the 2019 batch and the number is different for each department, depending on the needs of activities during the tenure of this cabinet,”

The realm of each department is classified into two, namely internal and external. Internally, there is the Human Resources Department headed by Ahmad Faykar Fasya from the Information Systems Department. Then the Home Affairs Department is led by Alvin Shaffa from the Electrical Engineering Department.

There is the Department of Community Social in the external group, chaired by Aulia Nur Faizah from the Department of Electrical Engineering and the Department of External Relations led by Azmi from the Department of Information Technology.

Lastly, the Scouting Bureau is chaired by Rizqy Ramadhan from the Department of Electrical Engineering as chairman and assisted by his deputy, Katarina Nimas from the Information Systems Department. Azmi added; ideally, the newly formed organization should not be too complex in its organizational structure. “It would be better if it wasn’t too complex and as sheer as possible,” he said.

Photos of Each Department in the 2021 ITS FTEIC BEM Initiation Cabinet.

According to Azmi himself, the current organizational structure has met the ideal. The work programs and agendas of each department and bureau also adjust to the existing human resources in each department. “Hopefully all the activities that we will carry out will be successful and provide benefits, especially for FTEIC students,” concluded Azmi.


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