Formalize the Activity Program for the Cabinet, BEM ELECTICS Holds Work Meeting

Mon, 09 Aug 2021
7:22 am
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Activity Program Stipulations generated at the BEM ELECTICS Work Meeting.

Work meetings or raker are important agenda that need to be done by the organization at the early stages of forming a cabinet. As for the Student Executive Board of the Faculty of Intelligent Electrical and Informatics Technology (BEM ELECTICS) of Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) which just released their new cabinet last May, they held a work meeting on 18-20 May 2021 in order to issue a determination of the organization’s work program for one period of the cabinet.

The Head of the Department of Foreign Affairs of the BEM ELECTICS, Azmi explained, raker should be carried out in order to draw up a stipulation that will be used in carrying out the work program of the cabinet. “Although it is carried out via online conference, the meanings of the agenda weren’t lessened at all,” he added.

The participants from the BEM ELECTICS 2021 raker are the Student Legislative Body and the Presidium of each Departmental Student Association (HMD) under the auspices of the BEM ELECTICS as the Observer Participant, and also the BEM ELECTICS Functionaries as full participants.

The first day of the meeting was filled with presentations from the Guidance Bureau and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, while the second day was the turn of the Ministry of Social Affairs, and Human Resources and Home Affairs to give presentations. The climax, on the last day, was an explanation by the Daily Management Board (BPH) as well as the signing of the Work Program Decree.

Presentation session for each Department of the BEM ELECTICS.

The arrangement of the agenda begins with the reading of the Rules of the Work Meeting by the Chair of the Provisional Session, then continues with the determination of the decision of the Chair of the Session for the next three days. After that, there was an explanation of the work program from BPH, all departments, and cabinet bureaus of the FTEIC BEM, and ended with the determination of the 2021 ITS FTEIC BEM Work Program and Management.

The exposure in the meetings was well received by the participants, especially the presidium of each HMD. “They criticize as well as provide constructive suggestions for the relevant departments,” said the Student from Technology Information Department.

Azmi continued, he hopes that with the implementation of the BEM ELECTICS raker, all BEM elements and functionaries can succeed and oversee the sustainability of the work program that has been agreed upon in the working meeting. “In the end, this work program will bring benefits to all functionaries and the faculty students themselves,” Azmi concluded.

BEM FTEIC Cabinet Functionaries at the Work Meeting.

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