Multimedia Communication Laboratory

Laboratory Description

In the laboratory located in the Lab. B.304 Department of Electrical Engineering, students can learn all aspects of the telecommunications system from transmitter to receiver by paying attention to the nature of the environment, channels and networks. Although the communication system model is very generic, its applications can be varied; from point-to-point radio, radio broadcasting, cellular and mobile communications systems, satellite systems, to underwater systems. Currently, there is a new use of communication systems, namely the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS), which is an application of information and communication technology to support the concept of smart-mobility. In this laboratory, students can carry out the process of learning, exploration and research; from theory, to the utilization of digital signal processing (PSD) software and hardware, source coding, analog and digital modulation techniques, channel coding, to communication interference mitigation systems for various applications..

Research Topics

Research conducted in this laboratory includes (and is not limited to) the following themes.

  1. Research on basic communication systems to advanced communication on multiple media (air, terrestrial and underwater), including the use of the MIMO COFDM broadband concept, ad-hoc concepts, cooperative concepts and so on.
  2. Research on Wireless Sensor Netwok for disaster mitigation and smart-city applications, including smart mobility (ITS).
  3. Research on communication system optimization (optimization of physical resources, access, network, to application performance) based on conventional approaches to cross-layer optimization approaches.
  4. Applied communication research, including broadcasting systems, aviation communications, to ITS.
  5. Integrated research on information and communication technology with related labs.

Laboratory Services

This laboratory serves several activities, among others

  1. Basic Electrical And Telecommunication Systems Laboratory
  2. Multimedia processing and Lab. (Multimedia Processing and Laboratory)
  3. Telecommunication Multimedia (Telecommunication Multimedia Laboratory)
  4. Electronics, Signal and Data Communication (Electronics, Signal And Data Communication Laboratory)
  5. Telecommunication Electronics (Course Support)
  6. Broadcasting Measurement (Course Support & Services)
  7. Community Service / Consultancy in the field of telecommunications, critical communication and broadcasting, including the development of ICT for smart-cities.

Head of Laboratory

Dr. Ir. Wirawan, DEA

Laboratorium members

Members :

  • Dr. Ir. Suwadi, MT
  • Dr. Ir. Endroyono, DEA
  • Dr. Ir. Titiek Suryani, MT.

Laborant :

  • Ir. M. Taufik

Photos of laboratory facilities and activities

Practicum Digital Signal Processing for Telecommunications

Underwater Communication

Wireless Sensor Network Experiment and Its Application on Bridges and Tall Buildings

Results of System Research and Prototyping by Lab Members. and Its Application in Society

Telecommunication and Data Communication Competency Training

  • HCDA & HCNA Kominfo and Huawei International Training
  • Multimedia Telecommunication Training ZTE
  • ICT Competency Training