Telecommunication Multimedia Network Laboratory

Laboratory Description

Telecommunication Network Laboratory provide students to learn and explore, also to give service to public in area such as internet network(LAN,WAN), wireless network(radio, cellular, satelite, etc), interface and protocol that is related to service based upon network, security and management network system, integrated system and network-based services for area such as in urban or rural, and policy and regulation about telecommunication network industry with area development through smart city concept.

Research Topics

Research and development carried out by the lab related to several topics, which is,

  • Communication Network(LAN-WAN-Cellular-Wireless-Satellite)
  • Platform development(VOIP,IPTV,e-learning) for rural area, e-learning platform for integrated online education in Indonesia
  • communication for sensor application and maritime data communication network
  • Development of integrated intelligent transportation system service (ITS)
  • Application development and internet network-based service
  • Management and network security


Activities and service that can be provided in the lab which included:

  • Practicum : Basic of Communication System, LAN and WAN Network, Wireless Network
  • Training : LAN/WAN Network administration(Beginner – Advance) – Cisco, Mikrotik, Huawei, ZTE, Traffic and Network Engineering, VOIP and IPTV, Network Management, Network Planning(LAN-WAN-Cellular-Wireless)
  • Consultation and experts at telecommunication network(LAN-WAN-Cellular-Wireless) which is IT strategic planning(Master Plan),  operational and maintenance, administration and engineering, network in automation and robotics industry, and telecommunication network industry
  • Development and integrated network-based system, which is FIDS (Flight Information Data System), Digital Recorder APP/ADC, S4RAS (Smart Platform for Rural Area Services), VMeS (Vessel Messaging System), Variable Messaging System, Ticketing System, Scheduling System in ITS

Head of Laboratory

Dr. Eko Setijadi, S.T., M.T.


  • Dr. Ir. Achmad Affandi, DEA.
  • Ir. Gatot Kusrahardjo, M.T.
  • Sri Rahayu, S.T., M.Kom.