Instrumentation, Measurement, and Power System Identification Laboratory

Laboratory Description

For undergraduate students, this laboratory serves electrical measurement practicum, which is a basic practicum on how to use electric measuring instruments. In addition, this laboratory also serves undergraduate and postgraduate students to work on final assignments, theses, and dissertations.

Research Topics

The research associated with this laboratory are:

  • Identification, modeling and computation of electric power systems
  • Online and virtual power system measurement
  • Monitor and control system (monitoring and controlling) electric power system

Laboratory Services

This laboratory serves several activities:

  • Electrical Measurement Practicum
  • Industrial power system analysis and design (study and consultation)

Head of Laboratory

Dr. Ir. Margo Pujiantara, ST.

Laboratorium Members

  • Dr. Ardyono Priyadi, M.Eng.
  • Vita Lystianingrum, ST, M.Sc., Ph.D.
  • Ir. Sjamsjul Anam, M.T.

Photos of Lab. Facilities and Activities