Microelectronics and Embedded System

Laboratory Description

Microelectronics and Embedded System laboratory give tools to students in learning basic electronics system and the laws or electronics circuit and its application in common electronics system especially on industrial electronics system. This lab provide lab work for students, final assignment and students thesis, students research with lecturer, lectures, and practical work field for students.

Research Topics

Research carried out in this lab is

  • Designing and building analog and digital electronics circuit/board
  • Design and implementing conditioning circuits sensor
  • Designing and building data acquisition circuits
  • Analog signal processing
  • Development and design Braille printing machine


This lab serve several activities which is

  • Electrical circuit practicum
  • Basic electronics practicum
  • Students practical work
  • Students final assignment that corresponded with research topics in laboratory
  • Internship learning basic electronics
  • Basic Electronics Skills Training for public or industry

Head of Laboratory

Dr. Ir. Hendra Kusuma, M.Eng.Sc.

Laboratorium Members

  • Dr. Ir. Totok Mujiono, M.I.Kom.
  • Astria Nur Irfansyah, S.T., M.Eng., Ph.D.
  • Ir. Harris Pirngadi, M.T.

Photos of Lab. Facilities and Activities

Electrical circuit practicum

Education for public(SD Muhammadyah 4 Surabaya)

Training for Braille printing machine operator/technician