Systems and Cybernetics Laboratory

Laboratory Description

Systems and Cybernetics Laboratory is a laboratory that develops, improves, and finds/innovates new methods of systems engineering and cybernetics and their application in solving real problems in industry and organizations. The main field of the laboratory’s activities include modeling, identification, and optimization of systems with engineering and non-engineering applications.

The Systems and Cybernetics Laboratory collaborates closely with the Control Engineering Laboratory and the Industrial Informatics Laboratory in solving engineering problems.

Research Topics

The big theme of this laboratory research topic is

  • Cyberlearning
  • Cybernetic Robot (humanoid, bioloid)
  • Cybernetic Vehicle

The research associated with this laboratory is

  • System modeling and identification
  • System optimization
  • Reliability-based system maintenance
  • ICT for education and
  • Goods/logistics transportation system


Laboratory Systems and Cybernetics provide courses related to systems analysis, including

  • Linear system
  • Stochastic process
  • Operational research
  • Control signal processing
  • System identification and estimation

The Systems and Cybernetics Laboratory provides training and consulting services to all parties outside the campus on topics

  • System optimization
  • System reliability
  • Basic and advanced level system state estimates
  • Basic navigation system
  • Basic control system


Name Position Research Field
Yusuf Bilfaqih, ST, MT Head of Laboratory ICT for education and government
Prof. Ir. Abdullah Alkaff, M.Sc., Ph.D Member System Optimization
Ir. Rusdhianto EAK, MT Member UAV Movement Control System
Nurlita Gamayanti, ST, MT Member System Optimization
Mochammad Sahal, ST, M.Sc. Member Multi-agent system, robust optimal setup
Zulkifli Hidayat, ST, M.Sc Member State estimation,  data modeling for single and multi-agent system applications