Antenna and Propagation Laboratory


In this laboratory, students study electromagnetic waves radiation and propagation, with a focus on antenna, signal processing for array antenna, radio wave propagation, radio propagation channel modeling, radio communication system, and radar system.


Research carried out in this lab includes

  • Design of antenna, array, and RF, including use of metamaterial
  • Array signal processing for advanced communication and radar systems
  • Radio propagation channel modeling for tropical/equatorial regions
  • Wireless communication system design


The lab offers the following services:

  • Multimedia Telecommunications practicum
  • Field practice/internship (based on necessity)

Head Laboratory

Prof. Gamantyo Hendrantoro, PhD.  [gamantyo (at)]


  • Dr. Achmad Mauludiyanto  [maulud (at)]
  • Dr. Puji Handayani   [puji (at)]
  • Devy Kuswidiastuti, MSc.  [devy (at)]
  • Prasetiyono Hari Mukti, MT.  [prasetiyono (at)]

Photo of Lab. Facilities and Activities