High Voltage Laboratory

Laboratory Description

In this laboratory, students study high voltage phenomena such as failure processes in gaseous, solid, and liquid dielectrics also transient phenomena at high voltages such as the phenomena of ferroresonance and inrush currents. The High Voltage Laboratory has also developed insulation system damage detection in electrical equipment such as electric motors, transformers, and low voltage insulation systems.

Research Topics

The research associated with this laboratory is

  • Dielectric failure process
  • Detection and monitoring damage of insulation materials in electrical equipment such as motors and transformers
  • Transient phenomena: inrush current, ferroresonance, arcing

Laboratory Services

This laboratory serves several activities, such as :

  • High Voltage Practicum

Head of Laboratory

Dr. IGN Satriyadi Hernanda, ST., MT.

Laboratorium Members

  • Dr. Eng. I Made Yulistya Negara, ST. MSc
  • Dimas Anton Asfani, ST., MT., PhD.
  • Daniar Fahmi, ST., MT.

Photos of Lab. Facilities and Activities

Facilities available at the laboratory :

  • HV generators up to 140 kV DC, 100 kV AC
  • High Current Generator up to 2000 A.
  • Megger
  • Electric and Magnetic fields Meter
  • HiPot up to 5 kV